Yes, a public Playmakers signing is happening


Thanks to the pandemic, I didn’t do the standard book tour for Playmakers. Even without the pandemic, I wouldn’t have wanted to fly all over the place, since March and April are fairly busy times for PFT.

Now that things are slowing down, and with Father’s Day coming, we’re finalizing plans for at least one public signing. Possibly more.

They’ll be in driving distance of PFT headquarters, with the boundaries being Pittsburgh to the north, Columbus to the west, D.C. (maybe) to the east, and Charlotte (possibly) to the south. Stay tuned for more details.

Until then, go get your copy. It’s only $18.76 for the hardcover edition, so you’ll have it ready to go, if/when you come to the signing.

Given that you waited too long to get mom the right gift for Monday’s Day, go ahead and order Playmakers now, for dad. Get one for yourself, too. And for mom, since the flowers you ran out to buy yesterday morning will be dead by Wednesday.

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