Bettors high on Dan Campbell for coach of the year

Cincinnati Bengals v Detroit Lions
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Lions coach Dan Campbell won only three games in his first season in Detroit. But in his second season, plenty of people are banking on him turning the Lions around.

In fact, more bettors have bet on Campbell to win the 2022 coach of the year award than any other coach.

According to Caesars Sportsbook, almost three times as many bets have been made for Campbell as coach of the year than any other coach, and twice as much money has been wagered on Campbell than on any other coach.

As a result, Campbell’s odds have shifted from 60-1 to 25-1 in the past week.

Even at 25-1, of course, Campbell is a long shot, because the Lions are long shots to be a playoff team. But Campbell gets plenty of attention for his speaking style at press conferences, and he’ll get plenty more attention in training camp when the Lions are featured on Hard Knocks. If the Lions turn things around this year, Campbell will get an enormous amount of credit, and perhaps a coach of the year award.

11 responses to “Bettors high on Dan Campbell for coach of the year

  1. I like Dan Campbell, and if anyone can turn the Lions around, it is him. But this is STILL the Lions we’re talking about, the same team that wasted Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. The same team that had to trade away Matthew Stafford in order for him to win a Super Bowl. The last time the Lions won a championship was before the Super Bowl era, 1957. There were 7 Hall of Famers in that game playing for Detroit. Nowadays, Detroit wastes Hall of Fame careers.

  2. You know its a strange time in the world when people are starting to bet on the Lions. As a Lions fan, it makes me mighty nervous..

  3. No coach has won COTY with out a playoff victory in that season. So bettors are wagering the lions makes the playoffs and advance.

    This is a FOOLS bet.

    Ron Rivera and Dan Campbell will be done as head coaches this time next year.

  4. People will scoff at this the way they always do at the Lions, but consider for a moment the possibility of the league setting the Lions up to be the next big “story.”

  5. I think Lions fans finally have a legitimate (not false) reason to look forward to an upcoming season.

  6. The biggest change at the Lions is the new owner, Sheila Ford. She seems to be a real fan who has suffered the same disappointment that every Lions fan has felt, year after year. I’m a Rams fan, but it looks like she’s the one behind the Lions trying to change their culture into a winning team. Also – I’m cheering for Brad Holmes.

  7. The biggest change at the Lions is the new owner____________________ Do they make a trophy for that?

  8. As usual it’s EVERYBODY VS DETROIT. For the Lions goes in Detroit, the fans know the team. We know when it’s good. We know when it’s a joke. This feels different. I was happy when Detroit signed Duce as running backs coach. He’s fam to one of my best friends. Along with the rest of the coaching staff. It’s a players place, and the team knows what is to come in the future

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