Broncos at Rams scheduled for Christmas Day on CBS and Nickelodeon

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos
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The NFL wants to make Christmas Day a family football holiday, and the first of this year’s Christmas games has now been announced.

The Broncos will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Rams in a Christmas game that will air at 4:30 p.m. ET on both CBS and Nickelodeon, as well as Paramount+ streaming.

Putting the game on Nickelodeon (which has previously simulcast a couple of playoff games with CBS) is an attempt to get more children watching the game, with kids opening their gifts in the morning and watching football with their families in the afternoon.

The game is also a very good one from a football standpoint, with the defending champion Rams taking on longtime rival Russell Wilson, who is now with the Broncos.

All the games we know so far in the 2022 NFL schedule are here.

23 responses to “Broncos at Rams scheduled for Christmas Day on CBS and Nickelodeon

  1. I amazes me how the NFL industry thinks that Denver is going to be contending for a championship because they have Wilson.

  2. when you start trying to have too many “traditions” they become less special.

    look at Thursday games – Thanksgiving not included. when there were a couple here and there it was cool and felt special, now Thursday is the least exciting game of the week. like the Saturday playoffs games are awesome because it’s special- if there were Saturday games all the time ir wouldn’t be as cool.

    football on a holiday works well on Thanksgiving because it’s special. adding Xmas is dumb.

    plus, let the NBA have Xmas day, it’s their thing. and this is from a guy that doesn’t like basketball.

  3. Good grief! Does everything have to be leaked?! Even the Supreme Court is doing it now!

  4. Unless there is slime poured on players who score it shouldn’t be on Nick.

  5. Broncos play in London AND on Nick on Christmas Day?? This could be a good year for corralling fans, they better show up and perform.

  6. Do they get paid double their usual rate for playing on Christmas Day?

  7. I wonder if Snead let’s his kids trade future Christmas gifts away for one big Christmas gift.

  8. So son are you going to watch the game with me? No, I’m going to play with the new Xbox I got for Christmas.

  9. This pretty much means that the Bills-Rams will be the season opener, Thursday night on NBC. I cant think of any other game would have more pizzazz. Possibly Cowboys-Rams or 49ers-Rams would be considered.

  10. Broncos fans dont deserve the amount of prime time games they are getting. These are the same fans that, instead of sticking around to give Peyton a standing ovation at the end of his history setting single game touchdown performance, they all left early to go to their cars and get out of traffic.

  11. I think Christmas week should be the bye week for all teams. Lets go one week without football

  12. Denver vs the Rams? Talk about a lump of coal! The Broncs will probably have been eliminated from the playoffs by then. Thanks Grinch Goodell!

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