Bucs don’t see Kyle Trask competing for backup QB job

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Tuesday brought word about what Tom Brady plans to do once he remains retired for more than a few weeks, but it remains unclear if he’ll transition from the playing field to the broadcast booth after the 2022 season.

Whether he plans to retire or not, Brady is in the final year of his contract with the Buccaneers and uncertainty about what lies beyond doesn’t seem to be changing the team’s plans for second-year quarterback Kyle Trask. The 2021 second-round pick was the third quarterback behind Brady and Blaine Gabbert as a rookie and quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen said on Tuesday that he doesn’t think Trask is ready to push for the No. 2 job this offseason.

“It’s more of a learning curve,” Christensen said, via Jenna Laine of ESPN.com. “I don’t see him competing with Gabbert this year . . . I see Gabbert being the backup and Kyle being the developmental guy.”

Trask should get plenty of reps during the offseason program and Christensen said that the quarterback’s “time is coming,” but it doesn’t sound like there’s much he can do to speed that process up in the short term.

14 responses to “Bucs don’t see Kyle Trask competing for backup QB job

  1. That probably doesn’t bode well for Trask being the next franchise quarterback after Brady retires, although the idea that Mayfield might have been a bench option this year and groomed to start next year also sent that signal.

    I still think Tampa was smart to give it a shot. It’s easier to use a couple picks on quarterbacks when the pressure isn’t on to find a quarterback right now so they can potentially strike gold at a reasonable price. They should have tried again this year.

  2. Uh….if you can’t beat out Gabbert for the #2 role after being a 2nd round pick…that’s…not really auspicious.

  3. That’s not a great sign if Trask isn’t ready to backup Brady as the QB2 yet. After a year in the program he should be able to start n win games by now and definitely should be able to hold a clipboard.

  4. For a second round pick to not be even considered for the backup position going into year two is quite worrisome. It’s not like Gabbert is ultimate backup.

  5. Another Licht BUST.

    Can’t import and overpay every old player in the league.

  6. There’s no shame in not being able to beat out Blaine Gabbert. Blaine Gabbert did send future Hall of Fame quarterback, Colin Kaepernick to the bench.

  7. Trask is proof that what you think you’re seeing in college doesn’t necessarily translate to the NFL. They look like world beaters on Saturdays but very few are viable NFL talent. Trask was as immobile as Don Strock and had no answer to move the offense in his senior year when Pittman and their star receivers left for the NFL! No clue why they’d spend a 2nd round pick on him.

  8. Trask has the very important role of helping Brady navigate his next drunken super bowl celebration as he did last time.

  9. He is not given an opportunity to develop with Brady hogging all the reps.

  10. If your 2nd round draft choice is not going to be ready to be a mere backup QB after a full year plus two training camps and two preseasons, why even keep him around at this point?

  11. Not a hood sign to draft someone that high, and he can’t even push Gabbert as the backup in year 2.

  12. I have been to several practices and Trask got a lot of work in preseason last year and frankly, I think he is a better QB than Gabbert. Not his fault–the Bucs didn’t draft him either…but Gabbert is really the bust here. What is weird to me is Clyde is coming out and saying something so early here. And for the record, during preseason last year, Gabbert did pretty poorly. In the few games last two years he came in to spot Brady when Brady had the game in hand, he couldn’t even hold a line of scrimmage. Sacks, incompletions, etc. So I think something else is up between Trask and the Bucs.

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