Cal McNair “excited to get everything back together and going again”

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
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There hasn’t been much to smile about for the Texans over the last two years.

They’ve gone 8-25 on the field while firing two coaches and facing questions about their football operations department. They’ve also traded wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and quarterback Deshaun Watson, although the Watson trade didn’t come until he’d sat out the entire 2021 season while facing 22 lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct.

Watson was finally moved in March and there’s some home that finally moving on without him will offer the team a chance to fully turn the page from the bad times. Texans owner Cal McNair expressed his feeling that things are looking up on Monday.

“It’s normal to go through the ups and downs of the business side of sports, but we always had our fans with us,” McNair said, via Coty M. Davis of “We had a lot of different things that impacted us at the stadium. But we are excited to get everything back together and going again.”

The Texans remain a work in progress when it comes to contending for a playoff spot, but shifting from the holding pattern of last season to a forward-looking one is a necessary step for the team to take if they are going to find brighter days in the future.

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  1. They’re on a run of good choices. Ditching the serial abuser who quit on the team after being given a huge contract, signing & drafting some good talent, hiring a solid and experienced set of coaches, and getting back to having a good amount of picks in the draft.

    It’s hard to trust team ownership/management yet, but I don’t see any reason to root against these players or coaches. They’re building a team of good guys you can feel good about supporting.

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