Chris Ballard: Every team has a hole

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In the Super Bowl era, only the 1972 Dolphins have ever finished with a perfect record. But even they weren’t the perfect team as no one outside of Miami would vote them the greatest team in history.

Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said there is not a perfect team.

“I will say this: Every team has a hole,’’ Ballard said, via Mike Chappell of Fox 59. “It’s almost a misnomer out (that) there are these perfect teams. No. Every team has some really good strengths and some weaknesses. It’s your job – our staff and our coaches – to figure out what (the weaknesses) are and then play around them when you have them.’’

The Colts have had a busy offseason, trading their starting quarterback and trading for a starting quarterback. They signed a Pro Bowl pass rusher and a cornerback who was defensive player of the year. They are an unfinished product.

“Player acquisition is year ‘round,’’ Ballard said.

So, with four months to go until the first game, the Colts will continue to try to improve their roster.

4 responses to “Chris Ballard: Every team has a hole

  1. This guy is just full of excuses and likes to talk. He mocked BB’s FA spending last year (because he isn’t overpaying or trading for Carson Wentz as a rental, lol), yet his team isn’t that good.


  2. And there’s no perfect general manager, either. Chris Ballard showed brilliance when he got the Commanders to take Carson Wentz and ALL of his salary. But he’s really reluctant to spend money on, say, a veteran wide receiver to anchor that room. Jarvis Landry is still available, for example, but he’s stubbornly sticking with this young crew. He’s absolutely convinced they will catch enough of Matt Ryan’s passes to get back to the playoffs. The trouble is, when you start to formulate the AFC playoff scenario, are the Colts even there? Can they really beat the Titans and win the South?

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