D.J. Reader happy if Bengals defense flies under the radar

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Fixing the offensive line was identified as the biggest Bengals need coming out of their Super Bowl LVI loss to the Rams, but it wasn’t the only place where the team devoted its resources this offseason.

The Bengals also signed cornerback Tre Flowers and drafted three defensive backs as they worked to shore up the back end of a defense that ranked in the middle of the pack during the 2021 regular season. They stepped up in the postseason by forcing nine turnovers over their four-game run, but the focus usually remained on the offense when people discussed what the future holds for the Bengals.

That’s just fine with defensive tackle D.J. Reader. He expressed great confidence in the unit on Tuesday and said it won’t be a problem if others continue to pay less attention to that side of the ball.

“We know we’re good. We know how we feel about each other. The guys love one another,” Reader said, via the team’s website. “The guys want to fly around. We’re going to make plays, and I don’t really care if anybody on the outside notices. I’d rather them not and then roll into Cincinnati into Paul Brown on Sundays and get thumped in the mouth.”

It’s hard for the defending AFC champion to fly under the radar, but the magnitude of the moves made by other AFC contenders this offseason has shifted more of the spotlight away than usual. We’ll find out in a few months if that’s the right recipe for Reader and the Bengals to hit the ground running.

4 responses to “D.J. Reader happy if Bengals defense flies under the radar

  1. The most disrespected super bowl team in history. I hear the word fluke theown around but would love to know whats flukey about beating Kansas City twice in January including once on the road in the playoffs. Beat the number 1 seed Tennesee on the road in the playoffs. Had a quarterback coming off an abbreviated rookie season with a torn ACL. The worst record in the league the previous four years. Please tell me how anything the Cincinnati Bengals accomplished last year could be considered a fluke? They are here to stay and youre going to have to learn to like it.

  2. Their D played really well in the playoffs, shut out KC in second half, turnover at end of game against the Titans to help set up FG, RZ stop against Raiders. Just couldn’t make the one play they needed against Rams at end. No shame in that, I’m sure plenty of teams in the league would take their D in a heartbeat.

  3. Added some nice pieces in the draft for the D so thinking they will be even better

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