If Bucs aren’t in Super Bowl LVII, will Tom Brady be in the booth?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams
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Officially, Tom Brady won’t join Fox until he’s done playing for good. So what happens if, for example, he’s done playing in 2022 before Fox’s season is over?

Some are wondering whether Brady could end up working Super Bowl LVII, if the Buccaneers aren’t in it. Fox will broadcast the game, along with the NFC Championship and at least two other playoff games.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, a Fox spokesperson declined comment on the possibility of Brady being in the booth for Super Bowl LVII.

It’s likely a hypothetical that Brady doesn’t want to entertain, since it implies that he’ll fail in his quest to make it to his eleventh Super Bowl. If, however, the Bucs don’t qualify for the game to be played in Arizona, it would make sense for Brady to be involved in the hours and hours of game coverage, even if he doesn’t sidle up to Kevin Burkhardt and whoever the bridge No. 1 analyst between Troy Aikman and Brady will be.

Money would be an issue, too. If his 10-year, $375 million deal doesn’t commence until his full-time gig does, a separate arrangement would be needed for a one-off gig for the Super Bowl.

Also, Brady would have to want to do it. What if he’s sufficiently tormented regarding the way the Tampa Bay season ended to want nothing to do with calling the Super Bowl? For that reason alone, it makes sense for Brady to tell Fox they’ll cross that bridge, or not, when they come to it.

13 responses to “If Bucs aren’t in Super Bowl LVII, will Tom Brady be in the booth?

  1. There must be some sort of professional ethics that bars a former player from covering his former team – a 10 year ban because of the pathetic bias that was shown by Troy Barkman when blatantly going easy on the Cowboys and rougher on their opponents. Barkman could make a case study to ban players for 25 years because he hasn’t improved a bit. Oddly, Tony Romo is a case study why there should be no ban because he is a professional and demonstrates integrity. I doubt the self-centered Tom Brady will be better than Barkman and he’ll never be as good as Romo.

  2. Pump the brakes! Can we please the regular season begin, so we can stop this “what if” nonsense?!

  3. Our society is going right down the crapper by the day.

    I am sticking with my Howard Hughes end of career prediction for this guy when it’s all said and done. Holed up in the penthouse of the Wynn in Vegas and never leaving his perch with Giselle, looking like Skeletor with his hair plugs falling out.

    Absolutely unbelievable.

  4. My willingness to tune into or out of a game has nothing to do with the announcers. However, the same does not apply to my willingness to mute a game.

    I don’t understand the economics of paying that kind of money. How many EXTRA millions of viewers per year have to tune in because of Tom Brady to justify paying him $37M / year??

  5. When the Bucs are not in the Super Bowl, Brady will be scheming his way to the 49ers.

  6. I can guarantee the Bucs will not be in Super Bowl LVII and Brady will not be in the booth.

  7. Let’s hope not one year of him pouting and retiring after being eliminated too hijack the super bowl festivities was enough.

  8. Absolutely unbelievable.

    This news has sent you to the edge. You’ll be watching every game he’s a part of, guaranteed.

  9. He’s basically averaged a SB appearance every other year, so maybe he gets another crack at a ring. Who knows? I’m just ready for the season to start. This offseason, like every offseason can’t be over soon enough. I doubt my team will do jack this year, but I still am eager for football.

  10. If Brady does not win the Superbowl Brady will not be in the booth. And if he doesn’t win the following year Brady will not be in the booth. Same with the next year and the next year.

  11. Will Brady have anything to do with the amount of air pressure in the Blimp?

  12. Brady is so talented I expect he could give commentary on the game WHILE playing it! Now that would be something to tune in for!

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