Lovie Smith: John Metchie III will give us something we don’t have in our program

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 04 SEC Championship Game - Georgia v Alabama
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The Texans traded up in the second round of the draft in order to take wide receiver John Metchie III with the 44th overall pick despite the fact that it is not clear exactly when Metchie will be able to help them on the field.

Metchie tore his ACL while playing for Alabama in the SEC Championship Game last year, so he will continue to be in rehab mode for a while. Once he is well enough to play, he’s ticketed for the slot receiver role and head coach Lovie Smith said that the team took him because he offers the offense ability that they don’t otherwise have on hand.

“You know, we say we’re a tough football team,” Smith said, via Cole Thompson of SI.com. “There’s some positions that will tell if you’re really tough or not . . . [Metchie] is a small guy, likely only to play the slot, but to play with an injury the way he did and how he’s attacked coming back . . . He’s going to give us something eventually that we don’t have in our program now.”

Metchie caught 96 passes for 1,142 yards and eight touchdowns before getting hurt last season and the Texans clearly believe that his injury won’t stop him from producing at a similar level as a pro.

3 responses to “Lovie Smith: John Metchie III will give us something we don’t have in our program

  1. Nick Caserio gave up a TON to get Metchie in the middle of the 2nd round. He gave up a high 3rd round pick, TWO fourth round picks AND a 5th round pick. Almost no matter how good Metchie is, the Browns fleeced the Texans again. (not necessarily referring to the Watson trade but am referring the Osweiller trade too). The Texans draft looks decent to good on paper but Caserio made some choices that should be reviewed in a yr or two; in addition to the Metchie trade, 2) Stingley vs Gardner 3) Pitre vs Hamilton 4) Pierce vs Hall (despite having 11 remaining picks at the time, Caserio let the Jets jump just 2 spots – obviously to get past only the Texans – to take RB Hall) and 5) Harris vs Ojabu or Dean. Caserio made “safe” picks, gave up a ton in trades, and went against the grain in a lot of 40/60 choices.

  2. Someone needs to wake Lovie up and remind him that he’s no longer destroying a college “program” as did at Illinois from 2016–2020! This is an NFL FRANCHISE! I have no clue what the allure is to NFL owners and college athletic directors to keep hiring him to stand on the sidelines, wordless and emotionless and set offensive football back 50 years, but it somehow keeps happening!

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