NFL inches toward making schedule release a full-week event

NFL: SEP 17 Seahawks at Bears
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The NFL has been sharing slivers of the 2022 schedule, with the full slate of 272 regular-season games coming on Thursday night. It’s a step toward what could be, and perhaps should be, a bigger play by the NFL.

Why release the full schedule on a Thursday night when it can be turned into a full-week event?

Here’s a simple proposal. Reveal the first four weeks of the season on a Monday, the next four on a Tuesday, the next four on a Wednesday, and the final six on Thursday.

That would definitely piss off the proprietors of basketball, baseball, and hockey, since it would allow news that otherwise dominates one day to commandeer a full week.

But it makes sense for the league to consider it. Currently, having most of the season announced in one fell swoop becomes information overload.

In lieu of breaking the schedule into four distinct parts, the league could, for example, reveal the Monday night slate on Monday, the Sunday night games on Tuesday, the Thursday games on Wednesday, and the rest of the schedule on Thursday.

However they slice up the pie, they currently hold too much of it until Thursday night. It would make plenty of sense to carve it up into much bigger chunks — and to take over an entire week.

59 responses to “NFL inches toward making schedule release a full-week event

  1. Who would watch a single show about a schedule release let alone an entire week of it.

  2. Hopefully someday the NFL turns the schedule release into a multi day event at a given venue similar to the draft.

  3. NFL is going to hurt themselves by running these unimportant events into the ground. NASCAR shot themselves in the foot by having too much exposure and drama. People got tired of seeing it all the time. Look at NASCAR now. The games will always be a big deal but terrible Pro Bowl, combine and now schedule release drama? Just release the schedule at once and move on.

  4. When the schedule does come out I guarantee you all of these so called experts will pencil Dallas in as the Superbowl favorite….Just like they do every year!

  5. Yeah…I’ll just wait for the full schedule to be completed and then look. That seems like a bit much.

  6. Are we also inching toward Monday Night Doubleheaders? I would be all for that. Still amazes me how much more money the NFL can still generate being that they still cannibalize their product with up to 8 games @ 1pm est on Sundays.

  7. They shouldn’t milk it just for the sake of milking it. We already know every game our team plays this year. The average fan doesn’t care which week is which game, just a couple key points, like who is the week one opponent. Dragging out the process of something no ome really cares about doesnt suddenly make it exciting.

  8. *yawn*

    Next up: weekly unveilings in PrimeTime of injury report designations.

  9. I mean, nothing else is going on. Maybe through in some dramatic re-enactments from previous schedule releases to spice it up a bit.

  10. I would rather have the schedule be announced on one night. If it was announced on multiple nights I wouldn’t watch it.

  11. The NFL and its fans think it’s much more important than it actually is.

  12. This is dumb. People want to make plans.

    Let’s do that with the draft too. One round a day for a whole week.

    Stop it.

  13. I love football but I’ve never had any interest in the schedule being released. And I’ve never had a friend start a conversation with “Wow, it’ll be an awesome Sunday in 3 months when X plays Y.”

  14. I think that would be an interesting novelty exactly once, and then every year going forward would just be annoying to everyone.

    “We know but we’re not going to tell you for another three weeks” is just going to make people angrier at a league that there’s already plenty of reason to be unhappy with. They already jerk the customer base around too much as it is.

  15. I might be alone in this, but I have never been hyped or excited about a schedule release. I think this move is pointless.

  16. It’s just the schedule. Let’s not make a mountain out of a molehill.

  17. Since we all know who plays who way ahead of time, I don’t see why the talk-show people and other commentators don’t talk about the upcoming season matchups before the schedule is released. I prefer the schedule to be released all at once for the simple reason that when it is, I write in games I’m interested in on my online football calendar. Once I’ve done that, I’m done.

  18. Unless you are a season ticket holder, the schedule release is a mere footnote, not an event.

  19. This will be the beginning of the end of NFL television ratings for non games and any network that airs this will see a slowly decline in ratings. An above poster referenced NASCAR and they’re right. Too much exposure of trivial things will turn everyone off and out.

  20. Maybe the can have it hosted in a Las Vegas casino. Teams can select their opponent based on the order they finished last year. Sort of like the draft. Rules, each conference opponent twice a year and one other unselected team. You could have 15 minutes between each selection with the commissioner making the first two rounds of announcements. It could be tailored just like the draft.

  21. Dumbest thing ever. I love football but have zero idea why the media says that we all get juiced up for the schedule release.

  22. The release of the NFL schedule already takes a full month the way they “leak” snip-its of it now. Why reduce it to one week?

  23. I remember when the schedule release happened in early April, sometimes even in late March. You might get some Opening Games/Thanksgiving games released during the League meetings. The league may “announce” the release a day or two before on their website but that was it.

    The schedule release is only interesting to me for about five seconds so I can book plane tickets for the game I want to go to. I don’t need to hear about how Team So-and-So got screwed with back-to-back road games while Team Such-and-Such got preferential treatment because they only hav e to travel along the east coast for this season with no international games or west coast trips.

    Overkill NFL!

  24. I live in MN and am a Packers fan. Used to be, schedule would come out, I would circle a couple of games, check in with friends who were interested in going to GB, make hotel reservations, put in order with ticket broker, get it all done and planned in a couple of days. Now flex scheduling means any game week 5 or later can be moved. You can’t plan on start time or even the date of the game, regardless of the announced”schedule”.

    I only go to Packers games in MN now. Too much hassle to travel overnight and plan for NFL games with the variability. Don’t have time for it. They can take two months to announce the schedule for all I care.

  25. Not a good idea at all. Try again. We want 1 day we don’t need extra days. Fans are booking hotels and flights. A flight on Monday may be higher days later. Keep it to 1 day.

  26. And in the meantime….i cant schedule any of the first few gamez off from work because i dont have 6 months notice…even though I am a 35 year season ticket holder in a cold weather city approaching 70 years of age….thanks alot

  27. Who would watch a single show about a schedule release let alone an entire week of it.


    The vast majority of football fans actually

  28. OR… just release the schedule without any theatrics, because, you know, it’s just a schedule.

  29. Go ahead make a week event out of it.. The entire scheduled will be leaked by night 2.. then what Roger?

  30. We can already see where the NFL wants to go with this: A traveling road show that rotates between NFL cities.
    They can make it a 3 hour TV show and have musical acts like Ozzy Osborn, Fleetwood Mac, & Peter Frampton one week and have Taylor Swift & Lizzo the next.
    Football fans are wondering: Why did this take so long for this to happen?

  31. So basically you just worry about other stuff all that week and check back when they’re done to see what the schedule looks like.

  32. Ok, I’ll just wait until the end of the week to see the full schedule of events. Events not taking place until months from now.

  33. I love football and I love my Bengals but the NFL is seriously getting close to overexposure

  34. Some of us travel for games so it matters to a degree. However just once and done, obviously it’s been set for weeks. Just release it. No show needed.

  35. It’s obnoxious enough when the NCAA does one long show about it every March, and that’s with legitimate drama about teams being included or snubbed.

    The NFL needs to get over itself. There’s no drama over who the Lions or Texans are facing in week 7. Just release the schedule and be done with it.

  36. The NFL is looking for ratings, this schedule release will not change this. Also if the NFL is looking for ratings, drop tradition on Thanksgiving Day. Were tired of watching Detroit vs GB/CHI or some lame AFC team. Also tired of seeing Dallas. Time for a change.

  37. This schedule announcement crap among other money- grubbing ridiculousness, like these games being played overseas (WTF?) and games being streamed (which will not allow you to DVR and fast -forward thru commercials) is slowly killing the fans.

  38. Please stop with this thought about a 4 day event. As much as I love football, I could care less when the schedule is released. What is next, they will sell tickets to each stadium and have people show up to watch the schedule release on the giant screen?

  39. Some guy on twitter has the whole schedule and is pretty much releasing it game by game

  40. The year is 2030. Fans pack an auditorium in downtown NY and go crazy as the commissioner takes the podium to announce…Chiefs/Broncos will the early game for the second week of October.

    Yes, it’s headed to that level of ridiculous.

  41. Admittedly, we’re in the minority, but there are some of us who actually enjoy going to the games LIVE and IN-PERSON. If you don’t live near your favorite team, this involves TRAVEL. It has been proven time and time again, the best way to experience travel is to PLAN IN ADVANCE.

    So yes, the vast majority of football fans don’t care about the schedule release, but for those of us who do, you’ll just have to deal with it. If it makes you feel better about yourself by proclaiming, “I don’t care about the schedule release!”, knock yourself out. If it’s on TV, you don’t have to watch it. If there are articles about it on here, you don’t have to read about or comment on them.

  42. I wouldn’t watch a show on this, but it would certainly create a lot of articles I’d read.

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