Peyton Manning, John Elway remain on sideline of Broncos’ bidding process

NFL: OCT 31 Washington Football Team at Broncos
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We now know what Tom Brady will be doing once his on-field career ends. We’re still waiting for Peyton Manning’s post-playing plan to fully bloom.

Despite a belief that Manning would align with one of the groups vying to buy the Broncos, Manning is playing it cool, and coy. Mike Klis of 9News in Denver explained on Monday that both Manning and former Broncos G.M. John Elway are watching and waiting.

Elway has said he’d like to be involved with new ownership as an advisor or consultant. Via Klis, multiple potential Broncos buyers have reached out to Manning to gauge his interest. He has yet to commit.

That’s the smart play. If he picks a horse now, he could pick the wrong one. By waiting for the race to end, he can climb aboard once the new owner is in the winner’s circle.

All of this assumes that Manning ultimately wants to be involved in the management of a team. He has built a gradual plate of other interests, and that plate has gotten fairly full. If/when he gets involved in a franchise, that could quickly consume more time than he’s willing to devote.

Some think Manning is waiting to buy a team of his own, perhaps through the pooling of resources with family members, including his brother, Eli. That takes a lot of money, however. And with the values of franchises getting higher and higher, it’s going to take more and more money to make that happen.

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