D.J. Reader: AFC North “goes through us right now”

NFL: OCT 10 Packers at Bengals
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The Bengals won the AFC North title, and the AFC Championship, in 2021. They currently are not favored to win their division in 2022.

PointsBet has the Ravens and Browns at +200 each to capture the AFC North crown. The Browns are just behind, at +210. (And it is very bizarre to see the Steelers bringing up the rear at +800.)

I don’t know,” Reader said when asked about the Browns being favored to win the division, via NFL.com. “I watched a couple UFC fights this weekend. Vegas gets it wrong sometimes, too. They win most of the time, they’re the house, but they get it wrong a lot of times too.”

It’s ultimately irrelevant to Reader. As his word demonstrate.

“Who cares?” he said. “It seems like it goes through us right now, so until somebody comes and takes it from us, I’m gonna be confident in us.”

He should be. The Bengals have great players, and they’ve addressed their most glaring weakness — the offensive line. Yes, the Bengals should be confident. While it won’t be easy to get back to the Super Bowl. it makes sense to pick them to win the division again.

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  1. LOL!

    Dude, you lost the SB. Nothing goes through anyone unless at least a SB champ. The league is wide open. An injury here or there, a bounce of a ball, is all that separates a win and loss, for the most part in this league.

  2. Picking the Browns unfortunately is fools gold at this point.
    1. We don’t know if Watson will be suspended or even make it through all the litigation without incarceration. You might get 16 games, or you might just get 0.
    2. We don’t know if the Browns with Watson can break the choking that the team does with high expectations.
    3. We don’t know if the disfunction in Cleveland will increase Watsons maturity or allow the other “non pc” side free to play. Seems to me with putting everything in his basket and mortgaging the future on him, there is nothing to reign him in.
    4. Lastly can the beat the other teams in a very stacked division.

    A talented Browns team.
    A stacked and HEALTHY Ravens squad.
    Always tough Steelers.
    Hard to pick against the Bengals and Burrow…
    Yeah, through Cincy they earned that right.

  3. The Bengals are the champions in the AFC North until someone knocks them off. I think the Ravens have the best chance to do that.

  4. As a Steelers fan, until we see otherwise, the division definitely goes through Cincy. They are a very complete and balanced team. That’s hard to beat.
    Congrats to them on a fine year and great development. Anything can happen this fall.

  5. Don’t talk, just do. Your franchise has a history of screwing things up and your not the fist Bengals team to have one good year.

  6. All these sound bytes from Reader were taken from the same interview and the first players have done since the super bowl. Talking heads are parsing out the sound bytes for hits as it’s slow roll for news. Reader is one of the most humble, down to earth dudes who doesn’t make headlines. Your assertion that he talks a lot is misplaced.

  7. Dude you already have a bullseye on your back why make it bigger? Yes you had a great year…one year so let’s stay grounded and not Put too much bulletin board stuff out so soon.

  8. The Bengals are better than the Browns, Ravens or Steelers and, barring the proverbial unforeseen circumstances, should win the AFC North. However, in the broader AFC, I would not pick them to get past the Bills or the Chargers in the post-season.

  9. As long as they stay healthy (especially Burrow), the Bengals seem like a clear choice. Vegas odds move based on bets. I would imagine a lot of people were willing to take a flyer on the Browns right after they signed Watson, so those odds have shortened. Nobody’s going to be putting money on Pittsburgh until they know what they have at QB. The Ravens.. I don’t know. They had a good draft (as usual), but so much depends on one guy that I would be very cautious there.

  10. only for the next ten minutes or so;

    it is unlikely they’ll ever again get such two such blatantly botched calls by two such badly incompetent officiating teams in back to back games to propel them to another Super Bowl;

    who do they think they are, New England?

  11. inozwetrust says:
    May 11, 2022 at 11:14 am
    The Bengals are the champions in the AFC North until someone knocks them off. I think the Ravens have the best chance to do that.


    I needed a good laugh.

  12. Well you have Cincy, who savaged both Pittsburgh and Baltimore in every meeting last season and Cleveland who had a garbagetime win and a a flukey win earlier.. By all means discount Cincy. Not like they have a QB or field a bunch of decent skill players or anything..

  13. He and the team have earned the right to feel confident. If you don’t want to read his feelings, don’t. I love getting a chance to hear these guys interviewed. They are a confident bunch!

  14. YAWN. The bungles are the Atlanta Falcons of the NFC. One decent year a decade.

  15. YAWN. The bungles are the Atlanta Falcons of the AFC. One decent year a decade.

  16. I’d imagine the disrespect toward the Bengals from the oddsmakers is based on residual effects of previous decades. No surprise there. What is surprising is that the Browns always seem to get respect despite their history of being the Browns.

  17. Bengals have a better roster and QB than any team in the division, and the amazing part is that it’s a very young team just hitting their stride. These odds are just a reaction to people throwing some money on the Browns.

  18. Lost in the Bengals mania is the fact that they finished only a half game ahead of the Steelers last year, snuck by a Titans team that played poorly, and had the Chiefs literally hand them a chance to stay in the game with a stupid last play of the first half. They had a nice playoff run, aided by some breaks. This is a team tailor made for a step back in 2022. I think they are likely to miss the playoffs.

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