D.J. Reader: Browns “got a lot better” with Deshaun Watson


It’s still unknown how many games Deshaun Watson will be available for in 2022, as he continues to face a suspension. But one of Watson’s former teammates still acknowledged this week that the Browns have improved by trading for the quarterback.

Bengals defensive tackle D.J. Reader played three seasons with Watson before signing with the Bengals in free agency in 2020, so he has plenty of experience in seeing just what Watson can do.

They got a lot better, he’s a really good player,” Reader said, via Geoff Hobson of the Bengals’ website. “He was like Michael Jordan that one time. That’s my brother. I love Deshaun. He has made some special memories for me as a player watching him. Being on the other side, I’ve been blessed to play with some good quarterbacks as of late.”

Now, of course, Reader plays with Joe Burrow. But whenever the Bengals play Watson’s Browns, Reader will look to keep Cleveland’s offense off the scoreboard with a defense he believes is flying under the radar.

13 responses to “D.J. Reader: Browns “got a lot better” with Deshaun Watson

  1. Yeah, the Browns were soooooo stupid to make that trade! What idiots! Trading for an elite QB when they had an average one already? Yeah, only the Clowns would have been so dumb!

  2. I was a Deshean Watson fan. I think he is a very talented QB. But. As a Steeler fan, Houston never scared me. I do not think they achieved all that much even with the talent they had in the field, Watson Hopkins Watt clowney etc.

    So. The Browns overpaid and overhyped their latest addition. Again.

  3. “He was like Michael Jordan that one time.”

    He was never like Michael Jordan. Not even once. Jordan was always a winner. Watson has won one playoff game in his career – the year before Mayfield won his playoff game. Otherwise, it’s 2 winning seasons out of 4 and then quitting on his team after getting a huge contract.

    That’s not Jordan. Jordan actually won, actually rose to the challenge when the chips were down, never quit on his team. Watson has produced a lot of stats but hasn’t amounted to anything.

  4. Yeah, the Steelers are so good at evaluating talent and managing their roster that they went 2-6 in their last 8 playoff games and their vaunted defense gave up an average of 45 points in their last 3 playoff games. Yeah, I’m going to trust the Steelers when judging talent and and managing their roster.

  5. With the Trevor Bauer, suspension the NFL is going to feel the pressure to make a significant suspension for Watson. He won’t make the Browns better when he is sitting at his house.

  6. No they didnt, Watson isnt really an upgrade at all. Not elite and not top 10 in the league

  7. The Browns were a 7 to 10 win team with an inconsistent QB. Basically they are what the Rams were. We see what happened to the Rams when they traded their “good enough” inconsistent QB for a reliable one. This team can’t stay together forever so I can understand not wanting to wait another 4 years to see if Baker gets his mind right. They lost a lot of credibility when they tanked to get these players…sorry I mean implemented a 4 year rebuilding plan that relied on collecting high first round draft picks.

  8. pmars64 says:
    May 11, 2022 at 10:02 am
    Yeah, the Browns were soooooo stupid to make that trade! What idiots! Trading for an elite QB when they had an average one already? Yeah, only the Clowns would have been so dumb!
    A few things to add.

    1.) The Browns traded multiple first round picks for a player that has won ONE playoff
    game, and did not take a single snap in an NFL game last season.

    2.) Watson currently has 22 separate women suing him and accusing him of sexual assault.

    3.) Even with #2, the Browns still paid Watson an NFL first Fully Guaranteed 240 million
    dollar contract.

    4.) The Browns were willing to do all of the above not knowing when or how long of a
    Suspension Watson will receive from the NFL.

    All of this for a player that doesn’t seem in any hurry to address his elephant in the room.

    The Browns better hope Watson is everything they are Dreaming of, otherwise this trade will not age well……..

  9. @ badthing03

    Sorry, but at least 13 other teams were interested in Watson, too. The Miami deal was all but done a year ago even after the allegations came out. And, after the Browns made the deal, either the Saints or Falcons went back to Watson’s camp and said they would have done the same deal if they knew what the Browns offered. Sure, Watson’s a big risk, but so is going with Mayfield as your QB when you got to get through Allen/Mahomes/Burrow/Herbert in the AFC to get to the Super Bowl. The Browns did what they thought they had to do to survive in this rapidly strengthening AFC. I would have done the same especially if I knew I wouldn’t have a job in a year or two if I didn’t have a guy of Watson’s caliber as my QB. Watson’s slimy, no doubt, but he’s not first slimy guy to play in the NFL and probably not even the worst.

  10. No, no they really didn’t. They went from a playoff QB to a 4 win QB that quits whenever things don’t go his way. It was all around a downgrade at the QB position while handicapping the rest of their roster for the next 5 years.

  11. The Browns did what they had to do, I guess, but you could easily make the argument that Watson is the 3rd best QB in that division and the Browns have the worst roster in the division, outside of QB.

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