Jamaal Williams: I don’t give a f— about Hard Knocks

NFL: OCT 24 Lions at Rams
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There’s at least one Lions player who doesn’t seem too pleased that extra cameras will be around for training camp.

Running back Jamaal Williams has the kind of personality that usually attracts the producers from Hard Knocks — he displays his authentic self during press conferences and can be pretty funny. But if they come to Williams this summer, they might not be shut down.

Williams was asked in a Wednesday press conference what he thought when he heard the Lions would be on Hard Knocks. He got close to the microphone on the podium and said in a lowered voice, “I don’t give a f—.”

“All that is to me now is more cameras walking around staring at me,” Williams said. “I don’t care. I just want to play football. I want to win a Super Bowl — this year. Forget the Hard Knocks, all that stuff. It’s just going to happen, you know what I mean? Like, people think I’m funny, but I don’t do it on purpose. It’s just me. I just walk around and just be me all the time, that’s it. I can’t fake nothing.

“But they’re gonna see it. They’re gonna see it on my face. Every time they’ve got a camera in my face, I’m just gonna look at them. We’ve got people here to do that already. So if they’re not people you already know and they’ve got a camera in my face, I’m not gonna smile at them. Maybe. We’ll see.”

Having said all that, Williams later added he lost a little weight so we could all see his abs when he takes his shirt off.

So whether or not Williams smiles for the cameras, he at least plans on looking good for them this summer.

21 responses to “Jamaal Williams: I don’t give a f— about Hard Knocks

  1. If you wanted to win a Super Bowl, you wouldn’t have followed the money to Detroit. You wanted to get paid more than you ever wanted to win a Super Bowl.

  2. Mr. Wiiliams should at least respect the Hard Knocks crew but instead acts like a spoiled baby. Not much of a surprise from a BratYU alum, though.

  3. he wants to win a superbowl… he is on the lions… this guy is hilarious.

  4. Be yourself, and if others have a problem with that then that’s their problem.

  5. Hard Knocks is a joke. It’s an unneeded distraction for these teams. The NFL should just do away with it.

  6. Anybody who thinks the Lions aren’t turning things around haven’t been paying attention. A lot of young, fast talent on that squad

  7. I love Jamaal Williams. I hope more players follow his lead and relax in these interviews. And how can you not root for the Lions? The people of Detroit deserve a good football team.

  8. I agree with Williams’ assessment of Hard Knocks (which I would never watch any of). I feel the same about HBO, ‘ESPN plus pay us more’, and reality shows in general. His statement is my statement on the matter.

  9. You didnt “want to win a super bowl”. You signed with the Lions. I mean unless you’re completely delusional.

  10. This is where context is important. Watch the clip. He kind of whispered it, it’s not as serious as it sounds. With that said, F Hard Knocks.

  11. I just love Jamaal,… wished he could have stayed in GB. He’s such an authentic person. And friendly. We need a lot more players in the league with an attitude like Williams.

  12. Detroit is going to surprise A LOT of yall this year. DeAndre Swift will have a huge year

  13. Hard Knocks used to be worth watching, but it isn’t interesting anymore now that they lean towards choosing the bottom of the standings teams. Do it with the Bucs, Rams or Packers and I’d tune in again.

  14. Hard Knocks love is more of a media based love then regular fan love. Another example of the media trying to tell us what is good. The media likes HKs because it gives them easy stories to write about.

  15. dalec58 says:
    May 11, 2022 at 2:19 pm
    Anybody who thinks the Lions aren’t turning things around haven’t been paying attention. A lot of young, fast talent on that squad

    I’m paying attention and every year, the Lions, Jets and Jags get A+ grades for their drafts and win the off-season. All is well and good…until the season starts.

  16. Does anyone even watch Hard Knocks, apart from the fans of the team they are intruding on?

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