Jermaine Johnson: My mindset is violence, there’s no pretty boy work in the trenches


After selecting cornerback Sauce Gardner and wide receiver Garrett Wilson in the top 10, the Jets traded back into the first round to snag edge rusher Jermaine Johnson with the 26th overall pick.

Johnson’s speed and athleticism were highlighted in most analysis of his play at Florida State and the Jets are definitely looking at those traits as a positive for a pass rush that left something to be desired last season. While getting to the quarterback might be the goal, Johnson knows that he can’t just take the other plays off if he’s going to have the desired impact on defense.

“My mindset is violence,” Johnson said, via the team’s website. “There’s no pretty boy work in the trenches. It’s fun to sack the quarterback, but first and second down are primarily runs, so you have to earn the right to rush the passer. You have to be violent.”

The Jets defense lacked just about everything during the 2021 season as the team finished dead last in both points and yards allowed. If Johnson’s approach helps push things in a better direction, the team will feel very good about going up to get him last month.

2 responses to “Jermaine Johnson: My mindset is violence, there’s no pretty boy work in the trenches

  1. Small player. Won’t be able to the set the edge. I don’t know why teams draft role players in Rd 1.

    This guy is JuCo transfer. So odd. Sacks are great when you get them at the right time, but there is a lot more to the position.

    Classic Jets pick here. Low IQ, self absorbed, etc.

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