John Elway: Russell Wilson is the piece we needed to compete again


The Broncos have not even made the postseason since winning Super Bowl 50 to cap the 2015 season. The team’s only winning record the past six seasons came in 2016 when the Broncos went 9-7 and finished third in the division in Gary Kubiak’s final season as head coach.

The 39-58 record over the past six seasons is easily explained: The Broncos have started 10 different quarterbacks.

Finally, though, they are confident they have Peyton Manning’s replacement seven years later.

Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway, who spent a decade as the team’s General Manager before taking a step back last season to president of football operations, insists, with Wilson, the Broncos are back.

“He was the piece we needed,” Elway, now an outside consultant to G.M. George Paton, told Mike Klis of 9News. “We had a good football team around him and I think George did a tremendous job of putting that deal together and getting him here. It’s great to see the fan base energized again.

“We’ve got a chance to compete in the AFC West, which obviously is going to be tough. But again like anything we’ve got to stay healthy. We’ve had a tough time doing that the last several years. If we can stay healthy, Russ has been there. He’s won Super Bowls. He knows what it takes, and the leadership he’s provided has been tremendous.”

Wilson, 33, has a Super Bowl ring, a 104-53-1 regular-season record, a 9-7 postseason record and seven Pro Bowls.

12 responses to “John Elway: Russell Wilson is the piece we needed to compete again

  1. What is a “President of Football Operations” ?
    He is an outside consultant to the GM ?.
    Surely this is just an invented role with no purpose ?

  2. You could have just drafted Mac Jones.

    Instead, you took an older qb at a very high price both in salary and the loss of draft picks.

  3. In Elway we trust! He brought in and hired Paton, and Paton has done well so far! Good job Elway!

  4. They need a new owner but one who is hands off. Then they can start to rebuild

  5. The Broncos will be in last place this year. My Raiders will be in first place.

  6. Elway was Millen 2.0 and the Broncos finally realized it. Good luck to Paton and may Elway stay out of football matters.

  7. I see George Paton always knew a team needed a great QB, something Rick Spielman, his former boss never figured out. It is no wonder the last couple of Spielman’s drafts were so bad after Paton left, Spielman had no clothes.

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