Bucs will host Chiefs on Sunday night in Week 4

Super Bowl LV
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The last time that Patrick Mahomes was in Tampa, he was on the losing end of Super Bowl LV against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will be back there on October 2. NBC announced on Thursday morning that the Bucs will host the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football in Week 4.

It’s the second game that’s been announced for each team. The Chiefs will host the Chargers on Monday night in Week 2 and the Bucs will take on the Seahawks in Week 10 in the NFL’s first regular season game in Germany.

The NFL has announced a handful of games over the last couple of weeks and the full list of them can be found here. The entire schedule will be announced on Thursday evening.

9 responses to “Bucs will host Chiefs on Sunday night in Week 4

  1. LFG!
    A lot of Chiefs fans live here and Sunday night should be great for both teams/fans.

  2. How does the NFL expect to do a full week celebration to announce the schedual if they can’t keep it secret for one day?

  3. This sounds way better than that lame Cowboys vs Packers in week 10 😀

  4. I have a feeling it will be a long season for the Chiefs, once you lose your chemistry with your main players it is hard to incorporated others quickly into the routine. Time will tell but should be interesting.

  5. The Chiefs will be the desperate team given they are in a tougher division but Brady is a better player in primetime.

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