Howie Roseman still looking at opportunities to improve Eagles’ secondary

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The secondary looked like a position of need for the Eagles heading into the 2022 NFL draft. So it was surprising that Philadelphia didn’t draft any cornerbacks or safeties.

But Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman said in an interview with #PFTPM that there are still opportunities to address the secondary, and any other area where the team can improve.

“Our job is to look for any opportunity to improve the team, and we’ll always do that, and we’ll have discussions on that,” Roseman said.

Roseman was answering a question specifically about cornerback James Bradberry, who was released by the Giants on Monday, but he sounds open to adding anyone who might make the secondary the Eagles open camp with better than the secondary they have today.

The Eagles signed safety Anthony Harris early in free agency, but they also lost two of last year’s starters, Steve Nelson and Rodney McLeod. The Eagles’ secondary could stand to get better, but Roseman stuck with his draft board, and no defensive backs were atop the board when the Eagles picked. So there’s still work to be done.

16 responses to “Howie Roseman still looking at opportunities to improve Eagles’ secondary

  1. Some of their major additions look to improve the pass rush dramatically. So that should ease some of the pressure the secondary saw last season.

  2. Sounds like a great idea in theory but after the AJ Brown trade they have no cap and Roseman has already pushed a bunch of money into the future. At some point he has to start paying down his credit card bill.

  3. People are underestimating the Eagles. If Jalen Hurts can play, and that is an if, they are going to be a very strong team. He still has to prove what he can do yet. he has a lot of weapons around him. Position by position they are stacked. Their defensive backfield is their only weakness. Slay will be as good as always and possibly one or two of the young guys may step up. I think Roseman will make one more move to help sure that position up. The best part is how young most of their skill position players are. They be really good for a couple of years. Time will tell but I am optimistic.

  4. As long as someone else is “looking” and he’s just doing the contracts we will be just fine!

  5. Block buster free agent deals, getting help from other teams veterans, sky high preseason expectations….we’ve seen this before. It will end in missed playoffs

  6. I think it’s better to take the BPA rather than force a need, especially in the top half of the first round. Also, that defense had plenty of needs going in to the draft and they addressed two of them.

  7. Might be better off improving the QB position first @ All Eagles Fans 😀

  8. Good for Howie. How many times have we seen the obscure free agent signing to a one year deal turn out to be a steal.

  9. This is where Howie has grown. In the past he would reach for “needs”. I like that he looked at last season’s unexpected playoff appearance for what it was. This isn’t a quick fix team. The Eagles had a lot of holes coming into this season. Too many to fill in 1 year.

  10. As a Birds fan, I would have taken McLeod over Harris seven days a week and dozens of times on Sunday. Some of his FA decisions are mind boggling. But hey, we brought back Derek “personal foul” Barnett!

  11. The receivers you are replacing give them a chance at DB or safety if they are really good on special teams.

  12. longlivedansnyder says:
    May 12, 2022 at 8:37 am
    Block buster free agent deals, getting help from other teams veterans, sky high preseason expectations….we’ve seen this before. It will end in missed playoffs
    Yup, we just saw it last year as the rams hoisted the Lombardi. And the year before that as the buccs hoisted the Lombardi. And in 2017 when the eagles hoisted the Lombardi. All three of those teams added multiple big name free agents and traded for veterans to bolster their teams to the title.

  13. Tryouts Vermeil style? Got to be a few barkeeps or bet collectors in Philly who can run. We need another movie about a bum from Philly making it in sports – they sell well.

  14. Safety is completely bare. They should be league average at corner with Slay outside and Maddox in the slot. The other outside spot will either go to a young guy (McPherson) or a bargain FA on a 1 year tryout like Stephen Nelson last year. Whatever cap they have left should predominately be focused on acquiring a mid 20s safety with starting experience/potential like McLeod was in 2016.

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