Josh Allen: Patrick Mahomes and I have a really good relationship


Quarterbacks Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes are on-field rivals. But away from the gridiron, the two have developed a friendship.

In a recent episode of The Steam Room podcast with Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson, Allen detailed the relationship between the two men. He pointed to both of them being in Miami for the F1 race over the weekend and Mahomes FaceTiming him, telling him to come and hang out.

“And you know, sure enough, we go up and we hung out for an hour and a half, two hours, just kind of hanging around, talking, having a good time,” Allen said, via Ed Easton Jr. of USA Today. “I’ve spent a couple of times around Patrick, but every time I’m around him, he’s just a great dude. He’s a great personality. He’s fun to be around. And obviously, all the respect that I have from on the field, I think it’s a different vibe than what people think.”

Essentially, it doesn’t matter much to Allen that the two are in the same conference vying for a chance to be in the Super Bowl when they’re in the offseason.

“Again, when we step on that field, we were supposed to be competitors,” Allen said. “It’s the old mantra, ‘You gotta hate your enemy.’ But I would say that we have a really good relationship, especially for, you know, the type of games that we tend to play in. [The] AFC championship two years ago, and obviously, the divisional last year.

“But he is — he’s awesome. He really is. Love being around him. And I’m super excited for this opportunity with him. Because I think the other side, they’re gonna riff a little more than, than me and Pat, I think we’re gonna feed off each other pretty well.”

Allen and Mahomes are competing together against Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in a golf exhibition on June 1 that will be televised on TNT.

They’ll then face off again at some point in the regular season in Kansas City. The time and date of that matchup will be revealed on Thursday night.

16 responses to “Josh Allen: Patrick Mahomes and I have a really good relationship

  1. Can we please return to the Era of sports when when players didn’t like each other ! Respect them yes, but not best buddies. Save that for retirement.

  2. Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t want Allen and Mahomes to beat Rodgers and Brady?

  3. The difference between Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes has been a hall of fame TE in his prime.

  4. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady were competitors on the field and friends to this day off the field. Mahomes and Allen are this generation’s rivalry and friendship. They are good for football.

  5. Given Joe Burrow is better than both Mahomes and Allen, I fail to see how they are Brady/Manning of this era. There is also Justin Herbert and a lot of other promising young QBs. There will never be another Brady/Manning in our lifetime probably.

  6. Offense players on different teams don’t really have much reason to dislike each others unless they somehow get another player injured. Maybe different story for opposing defensive players because of cheap shots, late hits, on their own offense.

  7. Not a Chiefs or Bills fan, but their games are so much fun to watch. Especially the divisional one.

  8. Patriots fans make me giggle. What a bunch of haters up there. Don’t worry Mac Jones is going to take a big step up this year. The Patriots will be back this year.

  9. Wasn’t it just a couple years ago we were saying how college football isn’t doing a good job of preparing QB’s for the NFL? We were right. They’re doing a great job! Burrow hasn’t even begun to develop, and Trevor Lawrence might end up being the best of the bunch.

  10. And Herbert will be better than both when it’s all said and done. Mahome’s looks different ever since the more talented, more charismatic and better looking stud arrived in the AFCW

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