Kyle Hamilton was taken aback by having speaker in his helmet at rookie minicamp


Two weeks ago tonight, Notre Dame safety Kyle Hamilton landed in Baltimore via the 14th pick in the draft.

Last weekend, Hamilton received an unexpected welcome-to-the-NFL moment, during rookie minicamp. He had a speaker in his helmet, something he discovered when he heard a voice speaking to him through it.

“They didn’t give me a warning, so I didn’t know I had it until I came out for practice,” Hamilton said. “But the first period we actually used it, [defensive coordinator Mike] Macdonald said something, and I like . . . . I had a jump scare, because I didn’t know that he was going to be talking to me just yet. But I got used to it. The first time I heard it, I had no clue what he was saying. Now, I can kind of identify it pretty quickly. So, it’s a pretty cool nuance to NFL football that I appreciate for sure.”

It possibly means Hamilton will have the green dot as a rookie. That’s a lot of responsibility for a rookie. But the Ravens apparently see enough in Hamilton to believe he potentially will be ready right away to hear the calls from the sideline and relay them accurately to his teammates.

4 responses to “Kyle Hamilton was taken aback by having speaker in his helmet at rookie minicamp

  1. …. or he hears voices, a sure sign of depravity! All is lost! Woe is me!


  2. Can anyone explain why this kid is deemed something special? Seemed like a huge reach for a Safety.

    I am not even sure he’ll be Devin McCourty material.

    Once the Eagles took Davis, this appeared to be a second choice. Should have traded back. lol

  3. seriously doubt he gets the green dot in his rookie year. He’ll probably get very soon thereafter.

  4. I like that they did that and he will learn a lot faster, but you don’t put that responsibility on a rookie in regular season.

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