Report: Patriots-Vikings on Thanksgiving night

Minnesota Vikings v New England Patriots
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Kirk Cousins, beware.

The Patriots reportedly will make their return to fourth Thursday in November since the notorious Mark Sanchez butt fumble game of 2012. According to Karen Guregian of the Boston Herald, the Vikings will host the Patriots on Thanksgiving night. The game will be televised by NBC.

We have not independently confirmed this report. But it’s impossible to ignore it, given that it’s coming from a credible newspaper — except for the whole Spygate II thing. (For more on that, check out Playmakers.)

The Vikings have never hosted a Thanksgiving game. They also haven’t beaten the Patriots since 2000. Bill Belichick and company have beaten Minnesota five straight times.

It will be New England’s first game against the Vikings in U.S. Bank Stadium. The Patriots played Super Bowl LII there, losing to the Eagles.

The Vikings last beat the Patriots in Minnesota in 1997. That was also the last time the Vikings faced the Patriots without Tom Brady on the roster.

31 responses to “Report: Patriots-Vikings on Thanksgiving night

  1. Well there is no Tom Brady to ruin things so there is a slim chance the Vikings finally beat Old Man Bill.

  2. Really? Shouldn’t a Thanksgiving night game allow you an excuse to not talk to your family?

  3. How awesome that fans will get a prime-time game with two teams were all the players are totally invested in their teams.

  4. Wait what happened to Buffalo And Baltimore Thursday thanksgiving nighf

  5. Turkey dinner and a Mac Jones chaser. Triple Tryptophan. Zzzzzzzzzzz

  6. Game #1 Cowboys @ Rams

    Process of elimination in the Cowboys 2022 Away games

  7. Well, look at the bright side: For once when they zoom-in on BB walking the sideline, he may actually have a valid reason for looking like he’s got indigestion.

  8. That’s a good change up, how many times can a person stomach Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady?

  9. Well if the L-tryptophan from my turkey doesn’t put me to sleep this game sure will. Why the pats and vikes? SMH.

  10. I guess eating a pound of turkey wasn’t enough to doze off on the couch…

  11. That’s usually about the time the Vikings’ season is over. It’s a good thing their fans enjoy eating crow for Thanksgiving. It’s a tradition!

  12. This is hardly a matchup worthy of prime time Holiday. Vikings will struggle to be even a 500 team.

  13. So now it is possible for all four NFC North teams to play on Thanksgiving.

    If they slot Packers at Lions and Bears at Cowboys as well.

  14. Vikings 31
    Patriots 9

    No one fears Mac Jones and that creamed corn defense

  15. Kirk is salivating watching Josh Allen bewilder the Pats’ defense last January……and that was with JC Jackson

  16. nhpats2011 says:
    May 12, 2022 at 4:59 pm
    Kirk is salivating watching Josh Allen bewilder the Pats’ defense last January……and that was with JC Jackson
    I’m often surprised how people remember one specific event from the past and use it as proof to justify their predictions for the future, as if there’s some correlation, whereas things in life constantly change and evolve proving repeatedly there likely isn’t.
    Example, a handful of years ago Miami defeats the Pats in the last game of the regular season on possibly the most humiliating play I’ve ever seen by the Patriots in over 35 years, (more than 550 games). The Pats were leading by less than a TD on the last play of the game, with Miami nowhere near the Patriots end zone, so Miami attempts a series of desperate lateral passes in the hope of a miracle. Then the miracle happens, the ball carrier has just one Patriot defender to beat, it was partially crippled Rob Gronkowski, and he did evade him, touchdown Dolphins. It was the start of every sports highlight package in NA.
    The Patriots were the laughing stock of the NFL. Experts and fans alike doomed them to an immediate exit from the playoffs.
    However NE won the SB that year…
    Belief in daily ‘miracle thinking’ is considered a mental health issue.

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