Schedule release is coming tonight


Eleven games down, 261 to go.

Tonight, the NFL unveils the full 2022 schedule at 8:00 p.m. ET. Throughout the day, there will be reports regarding certain games, based on leaks. Some will be right, some will be wrong. We’ll decide on a case-by-case basis how to handle that.

Once the schedule officially is announced, we’ll break it down through all interesting angles and quirks. The Sunday night games. The Monday night games. The Thursday games. The Thanksgiving games. The Christmas games.

Who will the Rams face to open the season? When will Russell Wilson return to Seattle? When will he face Patrick Mahomes, twice? How many times will we see the Bengals in prime time?

Who got screwed, if anyone, by the schedule?

We’ll take a look at everything, and we’ll bring it to you here, tonight.

27 responses to “Schedule release is coming tonight

  1. Please!!! It’s been leaked on twitter all morning.. we don’t need a show for it. So some talking heads can tell us “this game will be a shootout “ then it’s a defensive struggle. Or “the this defense is really good” then they allow 45 points.
    Just go to your favorite teams website and see the entire schedule in 1 minute

  2. No doubt the giants will get the perfect bye week, and face 4 or 5 teams, at home, coming off of 4 days rest while they have had 7.

  3. Exciting times!! I’ll add the Schedule Release to my plan for things to watch tonight. It’ll be somewhere behind watching the grass grow and watching paint dry.

  4. I love the NFL as much as anybody on this site… but this is getting obnoxious.

  5. I know the NFL is all about hype but this has got to be the most over-hyped event they have ever staged

  6. Who’s brilliant idea was this to release a few games and then make a big deal about a schedule release show? Who cares? Post the schedule on the league site. Make it sort able by team and be done with it. Oh wait the league can’t attempt to make money off it that way.

  7. Is NFL schedule release day the best day of the year or what?
    Its like Christmas in early May!

  8. These leaks are generated by the NFL. And its a great idea. This draws out the schedule release for the entire week. Excellent marketing no matter which way you look at it. It keeps us all checking twitter and sport sites for updates to those games that we want to attend.

    And the icing on top of the cake is the schedule release show where matchups and such are discussed in full detail. The NFL knocked it out of the park again by creating such interest in a schedule release that no other league can complete with interest-wise.

    Well done NFL.

  9. Schedule’s being released. Wonder if it’ll pass unclaimed thru waivers.

  10. Roger and the NFL owners: “Yeah, we know this is getting obnoxious, but hey, it’s lucrative for us and the fans will forget about it in a few days.”

  11. If you’re waiting with baited breath to see who which teams are playing when, then it’s probably a good time to consider stepping away for a minute.
    I have absolutely no idea why anyone would be so excited about the schedule, especially when much of the part that isn’t well known already is simply the dates that the games are going to happen.

  12. jwcarlson says:

    I have absolutely no idea why anyone would be so excited about the schedule…
    Then dont watch it and just wait until Friday morning when you can print your teams schedule out. Its nothing to cast stones at others about. Its fun. Its sports. To each their own.

  13. They’ll announce one game every 15 minutes over the course of three days.

  14. I figured this would be a 2-hour show just to announce the date of when they’ll release the actual schedule.

  15. Question is will it have higher ratings than the NBA and NHL playoffs games tonight.

  16. With all of the leaking the schedule will be released by about 5:30 pm eastern time. Every team has a beat writer that is keeping score of the schedule leaks. When enough of the opponents have enough leaked games, you can easily begin deleting certain weeks on the schedule as options to play them, etc. Before long, 10 beat writers have 80% of the NFL schedule

  17. I personally look forward to it so I can plan a getaway in a browns backers bar in sc.dont want to do it until then in case of a bye week.

  18. HagemeisterPark says:

    It keeps us all checking twitter and sport sites for updates to those games that we want to attend.
    Are you joking? I hope you are joking.

  19. This is awesome… I’ll look into it tomorrow. Don’t have to be first, it isn’t that important.

  20. I mean, why not? They have a whole network to fill with content – especially in the off-season. Not a terrible idea by the NFL.

  21. Been waiting for this since February. Gonna have friends over, food & drinks. Not planning on going to work tomorrow, I’ll probably be so hung over. This is gonna be so exciting.

  22. Dolphins got 4 prime time games, two MNF and two TNF.


    Week 1 @ Buffalo
    Week 2 vs. Pittsburgh
    Week 3 @ New England (TNF Amazon)
    Week 4 @ Cincy (MNF)
    Week 5 vs Houston
    Week 6 @ LA Chargers (TNF NBC)
    Week 7 vs NYJ
    Week 8 @ Detroit
    Week 9 – Bye
    Week 10 vs. Cleveland (MNF)
    Week 11 vs New England
    Week 12 @ Baltimore
    Week 13 vs Buffalo
    Week 14 vs Minnesota
    Week 15 @ Chicago
    Week 16 vs Green Bay (Xmas day)
    Week 17 @ San Fran
    Week 18 @ NYJ

  23. I don’t have to watch no schedule release to know that the NFL will try to screw my Raiders like they do every year!

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