Travon Walker agrees to contract with Jaguars


The first overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft has agreed to his first professional contract.

According to multiple reports. defensive end Travon Walker and the Jaguars have reached agreement on a deal. It will be a four-year deal with an option for a fifth season for Walker.

The deal will be for a fully guaranteed $37.4 million with a $24.4 million signing bonus.

Walker was expected to go early in the draft after the end of the college football season, but he wasn’t expected to be the top pick until shortly before the festivities got underway last month. That’s because the Jaguars believe that his ceiling is far higher than his college production — 61 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and 9.5 sacks while at Georgia — would suggest.

Now that has contract has been settled, Walker can direct all of his attention toward proving the Jaguars right on that front.

8 responses to “Travon Walker agrees to contract with Jaguars

  1. Put him at one position. The numbers should (ideally) improve.

    I hope this kid works out … my jags have a history of getting this stuff wrong.

  2. Could be up there with Clowney as one of the greatest reach #1 overall pick ever.

    He won’t bust like Mayfield, but it’s clear Jax couldn’t find a way to trade back.

  3. Won’t finish his rookie deal. Out of the league. Bust. Baalke is a genius.

  4. Consider myself a true football fan. I wasn’t sure who Travon Walker was.

  5. If he turns into Jevon Kearse this will be a great pick, but he could be the second coming of Taven Bryan also. Which wouldn’t surprise me because the Jags are just lucky like that.

  6. Trent Balke didn’t draft Hutchinson no.1 like all other 31 teams would have because he hates Jim Harbaugh. It’s that simple.

  7. Hutchinson has T-rex arms for a DE and was manhandled by Georgia’s OL. Neither guy was a true #1, but Walker is more versatile. IMO, Gardner should have been the pick.

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