Brett Hundley trying out for Vikings

NFL: OCT 11 Colts at Ravens
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Rookie minicamps usually feature some non-rookies trying out for teams and there’s a familiar quarterback going through this weekend’s practices in Minnesota.

Brett Hundley is trying out for the Vikings at their minicamp. He spent time with the Colts during the 2021 season and last appeared in a regular season game with the Cardinals in 2019.

Hundley appeared in three games that year as a reserve and went 5-of-11 for 49 yards. He was drafted by the Packers in the fifth round of the 2015 draft and made his only NFL starts for Green Bay during his third season. Hundley started nine of the 11 games he played in 2017 and went 192-of-316 for 1,836 yards, nine touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

The Vikings have Sean Mannion, Kellen Mond, and Nate Stanley on the depth chart behind Kirk Cousins.

20 responses to “Brett Hundley trying out for Vikings

  1. Another great packer draft pick. NOT! Hey the Gm saw, wow this guy completed a ton of passes at UCLA and ran for a few touch downs too.
    Should have done more homework and saw that ya, his passes avg 8 to 10 yards, mostly to slant receivers and he ran for his lift when they werent open.

  2. He’s there as a camp QB body, not that Sean Manion is the next coming of Bart Starr or anything.

  3. Sign him. Instant upgrade to the QB room.

  4. Have Packer fans learned that Brett Hundley and Tyler Huntley are not the same person yet?

  5. They should sign him.
    It would be very reminiscent of the Teddy Bridgewater era.

  6. He was a fifth round pick and has been in the league making pretty good coin for seven seasons, soon to be eight? That’s twice as long as the average NFL career. He’s done pretty well in my book. Good for him.

  7. “How Jordan Love’s stats compare to other first-round picks’ first starts.”
    By justis.mosqueda Nov 9, 2021.

    Check this out. No worries. If Rodgers went down tomorrow, the Packers would do just fine. It’s the team that makes the real difference, and the Packers have a good one. It’s not like throwing Fields out there for a bad Bears team, this is different. Personally, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Rodgers became unavailable for some reason.

  8. I thought he did well with the Raven’s last season. Good luck to him. Maybe he can back up rogers

  9. cellarperformance says:

    If Rodgers went down tomorrow, the Packers would do just fine.

    When you had Devante Adams, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson, but not Rodgers for 9 games, the Packers went 7 – 9.

    Even with 3 of Rodgers favorite WR’s of all time, the Packer backup QB only led the team to 3 wins – an overtime win vs the 0-16 Browns, an overtime win against the 5-11 Bucs and a win over the 5-11 Bears.

    Trying to say that the Packers have a backup QB more qualified today than back in 2017 is just false bravado. Putting a worse QB on to a team with an severely weakened receiving corp and expecting “just fine” results borders on lunacy.

  10. The Vikings will only go as far as Cousins can lead them. We all know how that’s worked out so far. Hundley could certainly be an upgrade. Maybe he learned a thing or 3 behind Rodgers in GB.

  11. Can’t be worse than Cousins.

    I’m not big on KC but I guess you didn’t read the stats. Love is going down the same path, thank you GB.

  12. Wow what is with the Vikings and the terrible back up QB’s? Is Kirk that fragile?

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