Jarvis Landry lands back in New Orleans, with the Saints

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If good things happen in threes, it’s just a matter of time before the Saints sign Odell Beckham Jr.

Free-agent receiver Jarvis Landry, a Louisiana native who played college football at LSU, has signed with the Saints. Following multiple reports regarding the move, Landry tweeted “WHO DAT.” (Not to be confused with Who Dey.)

Cut by the Browns before free agency started, Landry lingered on the market. Rumors circulated that he wanted $20 million per year, a number that doesn’t seem quite so nutty given some of the receiver deals that have since been done.

Most recently, Landry had been linked to the Ravens.

Landry’s arrival comes on the same day the Saints signed first-round pick Chris Olave. They also hope that Michael Thomas will make it back to the form that he last displayed in the 2019 season. He hasn’t been the same since suffering an ankle injury during the first game of the 2020 season.

Some will fairly interpret the signing of Landry as an indication by the Saints that they don’t think Thomas will be back to where he was.

A second-round pick of the Dolphins in 2014, Landry was traded to the Browns in 2018. He has 688 career catches, for 7,598 yards and 37 touchdowns.

Last week, the Saints signed safety Tyrann Mathieu, another local product who played at LSU.

33 responses to “Jarvis Landry lands back in New Orleans, with the Saints

  1. Uh oh…….don’t sleep on the Saints this season.
    They are putting together an impressive roster.

  2. That’s a good get for NO. He’s proved to be so much better than OBJ.

  3. There sure are some possible “toxic” personalities in that Saints locker room. Hope Dennis Allen can keep them in line… Personally, I’m leaning towards no way.

  4. Methinks Landry’s better days are behind them. As for the Saints, while I’d never sell Mickey Loomis short, Dennis Allen’s head coaching resume is, ahem, less than impressive. Never won more than 4 games in a season.

  5. When D-coordinators planned for the Browns Landry did not take up much of their time. He’s on the 15th hole…

  6. The question is, when will Jarvis do an apparent end around and release a perfectly thrown TD pass to Chris Olave for six?

  7. A few weeks ago the Saints had 11 dollars and 42 cents in cap room. Since then spending millions. Where did it come from? The NFL Cap, a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma

  8. Saints still have a solid defense and improved on it. Offense got more weapons just need a healthy Qb. Depending on Alvin Vegas issues and Famous Jameis health this can be a dangerous squad in that Division.

  9. Landry is a fantastic out option for Winston. I’m no Saints fan, but I would NOT count Jameis out in this. He has some great receivers and a combo of Landry/Thomas to dump off to is dangerous when you need to move the sticks.

    And we all know Winston has a cannon, so a guy like Olave, Harris, Callaway run an Up route and it’s a TD.

    This will work because Ingram is a solid runner, Kamara is dual threat run/pass and Winston only simply has to limit turnovers. Easier said than done, but he can do it, and I’d even trust Dalton to fill in if he couldn’t.

  10. The reaction people have to Saints news is always so funny to me. Yall so mad at this team for existing lol

  11. Nothing but respect for Landry. Wanted to come to Cleveland (for a nice contract), and was one of the catalysts of the culture change in the organization. Not the fastest guy, but he caught whatever junk Mayfield threw at him and he didn’t complain. Wish him the best in NO.

  12. It would be really funny now if they got Mayfield. Landry would quit

  13. This guy sucks, great he is back on the Saints. So what! Overrated, if he’s so awesome then why is he on another team every five minutes?

  14. WR room is now stacked,(not too bad even if Thomas remains a judas) hope for improvement at tight end with Taysom and a year under Juwan Johnson’s belt. I don’t get good vibes with Troutman. Would also love to see Murray back with the team to give some quality proven depth to the running backs. If can afford jarvis and tyrann, can find a way to get latavious back.

  15. brees4mvp says:
    May 13, 2022 at 5:57 pm
    The use of “Who Dey” should be illegal.

    3630Rate This
    —————-who dey came first.

  16. I thought Ravens fans told us all great FA WRs wanted to go play with Lamar? Strange that Landry and literally ever other decent FA WR has avoided Baltimore like the plague. Oh no wait, the Ravens did get Sammy Watkins.

  17. I’ll miss u juice u where my favorite player on the browns when u where here. Thanks for everything u gave to the land. Tough as nails numbers don’t do him justice with how good of a player he really is

  18. Great pick up by the SAints. Well see if he has anything left in the tank. Always loved the guy over OBJ

  19. To the clown above who said Landry is better than OBJ, try watching football.

  20. I think Landry was the player most responsible for turning things positive in Cleveland.He was contagious.

  21. Anyone who comment “this guy sucks” doesn’t watch football games. I’ve never seen him drop a pass that hit his hands. EVER. This is coming from a Browns fan. We’re going to miss you Juice.

  22. I’m glad for both him and the Browns ended it just didn’t work out no harm no foul .

  23. Love all the praise this guy gets for “changing the culture” in Cleveland. How exactly has it changed?

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