Jerry Jeudy is released on bond; lawyer says he never should have been arrested

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Broncos receiver Jerry Jeudy appeared in court on Friday morning following a Thursday arrest for second-degree criminal tampering, with a domestic violence enhancer. Jeudy was held overnight on bond.

After a hearing that resulted in a finding that Jeudy can be released, his lawyer said that Jeudy never should have been arrested, and that Jeudy never should have been kept overnight.

Bad things happen to good people,” Harvey Steinberg said, via Mike Klis of, “and that’s what this case is. I don’t think he should have been arrested. I don’t think he should have been incarcerated. And I think people are going to look at this and come to the same conclusion that I did and say, ‘Boy, this is a bump in the road. This is a really, really good guy, and we’re sorry this had to happen to him.”

The mother of Jeudy’s one-month-old child said in court that she never felt threatened, and that she currently doesn’t feel threatened.

“There was no threat of violence, there was no attempted violence, and there was no violence, period,” Steinberg said. He said that the domestic-violence hold that forced Jeudy to spend the night in jail is applied too broadly.

Steinberg was asked about potential team and league discipline.

“I don’t speak for the team nor do I speak for the league,” Steinberg said. “They have smarter guys on board than me.”

After a pause he said, “Not really. Don’t tell them I said that.”

Steinberg thinks no action should be taken by anyone, because nothing happened. While that’s what the lawyer representing Jeudy is expected to do, there seems to be a real question as to whether Jeudy actually broke any laws.

The case is set to return to court on May 31. Steinberg hopes it will be dismissed before then.

9 responses to “Jerry Jeudy is released on bond; lawyer says he never should have been arrested

  1. The baby formula being hijacked may have made this happen….Just saying. I have a hard time believing the police kidnapped Jeudy from his house illegally.

    Not impossible, but I am not buying it in this case. I will admit holding someone overnight on a misdemeanor, especially for a non-violent crime per Steinberg, seems illegal. I am not sure that’s allowed. Even simple drug possession is a misdemeanor, you pay the bond and go home in a few hours.

    Someone is not telling us something.

  2. Read up on the case before you comment. He should have never been arrested in the first place.

  3. Held overnight for a misdemeanor charge. Get that he can’t go home, but cat was compliant with the police and can certainly afford a hotel.

  4. “Harvey Steinberg” now that’s an honest, hardworking name if I ever heard one.

  5. Here’s where we will see whether the Broncos have even close to the moral strength of the Raiders. Similar circumstances last year with a young WR getting in trouble and the Raiders do the right thing and cut bait. Now let’s see what the Broncos do…

  6. Just like the Tyreek Hill situation.

    It’s interesting how the testimony changes after the victim has time to be reminded what this could do to the accused’s career. And also, to the child support payments she undoubtedly will receive down the line.

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