Malik Willis on Ryan Tannehill: Everything is cool, man

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Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill caused a bit of a stir when he said he didn’t think it was his job to mentor the recently drafted Malik Willis.

But when he was asked about the comments on Friday at rookie minicamp, Willis made it clear that he doesn’t feel any kind of way about what Tannehill said.

Willis first joked, “What quote?” before squashing the notion that there is any beef between the two quarterbacks.

“We chopped it up. It was never anything negative,” Willis said, via Ben Arthur of the Tennessean. “Ryan is a good dude. … Everything is cool, man.”

Willis also noted that Tannehill had the skill position players over to his house to get to know one another.

So at least for now, there’s no issue between Tannehill and the Titans’ third-round pick. The type of relationship the two end up developing remains to be seen.

13 responses to “Malik Willis on Ryan Tannehill: Everything is cool, man

  1. The Titans are Tannehill’s team. He’s a playoff quarterback.
    He’s not going to let a 3rd round pick get anywhere close to taking his job.

  2. mackcarrington says:
    May 13, 2022 at 4:51 pm
    The Titans are Tannehill’s team. He’s a playoff quarterback.
    He’s not going to let a 3rd round pick get anywhere close to taking his job.

    He may not have a choice.

  3. Matt Flynn was also the QB for the Seahawks when they draft Russell Wilson in the 3rd round 🙂

  4. As long as Ryan Tannehill keeps feeding the rock to a healthy Derrick Henry…he will keep his job.

  5. Great point, Reppster. I have no problem with Tannehill’s reaction; competition makes the team stronger.

  6. Where is Malik’s competitive fire? He should want to take Ryan Tannehill’s job.

  7. Ryan Tannehill will likely help this rookie QB more than most veteran QB’s would do. I really don’t care what people say in post-truth America. People lie all the time. Even Tom Brady said he doesn’t really believe what he’s saying when he answers questions. Politicians lie more than ever. I just judge people by their actions, and Tannehill is a great guy. Willis couldn’t have landed in a better spot. But remember, Willis was a third round pick. It’s not like he’s guaranteed to ever become a starting NFL QB. Every team passed him up multiple times. This isn’t John Elway we’re talking about. This kid is an athlete. Not a QB. Tannehill will do whatever he can to help the kid learn to play QB, but Tannehill’s job is to do the job he’s being paid to do, which is win a super bowl. He’s taken his team deep into the playoffs. He’s a winning QB. Willis has a very long way to go before he’s even a legit backup QB. These stories just originate out of nowhere. Why is it even a story? Third round pick. Not guaranteed anything. I’d hate to have my winning QB waste too much time trying to teach an athlete how to play QB. It’s never been done in NFL history. You’re either a QB or you’re not. Willis is not a QB. Could he become the first athlete to master the QB position at the NFL level? Perhaps. I’m not putting my money on it. Obviously, if the kid was a third round pick, no NFL team is putting their money on it, either.

  8. Once again sports media trying to create a story where there isn’t one, journalism is dead

  9. Not sure I’m feelin the Titans QB Room. Thats a shame too because the rest of the team is ready for a SB run. Kinda like the Niners.

  10. a 3rd round qb, 3rd qb picked, from a small college with a simplistic (dumbed down) system,
    overhyped for draft interest for ‘certain’ reasons to create interest…
    Tannehill has far greater things to be concerned about!

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