Todd Bowles not surprised at Tom Brady’s appearance at offseason workouts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Los Angeles Rams
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Tom Brady showed up at the Buccaneers’ voluntary offseason workouts Wednesday and Thursday.

The quarterback was vocal last year in encouraging players not to show up for voluntary workouts, and in his career, Brady has been known to skip the voluntary program.

So why did he show up in phase two of the program this week? New coach Todd Bowles said Friday he didn’t request Brady’s appearance but wasn’t surprised to see the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

Tom’s a worker,” Bowles said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “Tom comes in on his own. He doesn’t need to be here, but you don’t play that long without having inner drive. We have great communication, and we have a great relationship. He comes in on his own and works. He doesn’t need the work everyone else needs, but the camaraderie, when he comes in here, is very good.”

Bowles still plans to call the defensive plays this season, and while he will have a little input in some of the offensive meetings, he doesn’t plan on changes to the offense. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich will remain in charge of his unit.

“Everybody thinks I’m changing the offense,” Bowles said. “I didn’t get a head job to be an offensive coach. That’s not my job. I’ve always been a defensive coach, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a head coach.

“Tom and I understand that. We have a great relationship going forward. We communicate constantly and I just look forward to working with him from a different angle. But we always talked football off the field when he was here, regardless.”

12 responses to “Todd Bowles not surprised at Tom Brady’s appearance at offseason workouts

  1. Well coaches are expected to be in the building during this time. Tom is the official OC now bandwagoners.

  2. Hes a yes man who will do as hes told that’s why hes the coach now and b.a is gone. Anything else hes saying is nonsense.

  3. Every day Tom has a contract with a team is another day of the Patriots playing checkers not chess.

  4. This will be Brady’s last season. He’s going all out for one last run. I think it’ll be Bucs vs Bills in the Super Bowl.

  5. It’s called leadership, a Brady quality that isn’t discussed often enough. The young players see the greatest player of all time, with accomplishment unlikely to be matched ever, showing up when he doesn’t have to, introducing himself to each newbie and participating in the workouts. This builds team cohesion and enhances effectiveness on the field. Again, it’s called leadership.

  6. If this is his last playing year, it’s not surprising he’d want to spend more time with the team. When it’s your last chance to win the Lombardi, you’d want to be with your teammates, working hard and encouraging them.

  7. This makes sense to me. He was in a different phase at the end in NE. Somewhat disgruntled , didn’t like that they weren’t building the team around him anymore, wasn’t getting paid what he wanted, etc. He was thinking more about trying to spend time with family when he could. But now the only reason he is still playing is to try and win one more time. Why not do everything possible to try and make that happen. If he wasn’t going to put everything into it he could one last time, I am sure he would have switched to the booth.

  8. The Bucs should make the SB to face the Bengals or if Mac Jones takes the expected next step, the Patriots. The Bills will stumble against any team that can run the football in January. They have added Von Miller but rushing the passer was not their biggest issue on defense.

  9. Peyton Manning is a far superior QB to Tom Brady in every way. Any other opinion is an admission that you lack football knowledge. FACT

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