Tyreek Hill reacts to criticism of Tua Tagovailoa practice throw


Earlier this week, the Dolphins posted on social media a video of a practice throw from quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to receiver Tyreek Hill. It did not prompt the desired reaction.

Despite the use of a rocket emoji in the tweet accompanying the clip, a duck emoji would have been more fitting. Or maybe an emoji of someone waiting for a bus that never showed up.

The ball wobbled. The pass was badly underthrown. And while it’s not big deal, the problem is that the Dolphins selected that pass to be the one that was showcased.

While plenty of pro athletes and coaches will claim they ignore outside noise, Hill heard it. He responded on Thursday by posting a video of various non-duck throws by Tua, with this message: “Can y’all chill or nah ? We talking about practice.”

Yes, we are. And if Tyreek or Tua have an issue with what was posted, they should take it up with whoever picked and posted the video that created a ruckus.

12 responses to “Tyreek Hill reacts to criticism of Tua Tagovailoa practice throw

  1. Good for Hill for standing up for his QB. Shame on the Dolphins for thinking Tua is a viable option.

  2. The underthrow is one thing, but that’s not much wobble for a deep throw. And anyways, the angle and, yes, placement of a deep ball are much more more important than the velocity and rotational perfection. Angle helps deliver the ball into a “bucket” over potential defenders and can affect the catchability of the throw, and placement is key for obvious reasons. Velocity and rotation matter more for tight-window throws, which tend to be intermediate passes over the middle or cutting to the sideline.

  3. Tua’s arm is like mine. Wounded duck city. It’s why his receivers at Bama all picked Mac over him.

    Hilarious watching Miami walk down that road of destruction.

  4. Ya’ll ripping a QB with pinpoint accuracy is going to backfire.


    Belichek is 0-3 against Tua but keep believing a throw you can’t even see, with a runner who’s route you can’t see, with a QB wearing a beach hat and throwing flat footed matters. As if the national championship was on the line, which, when it was, pinpoint Tua saved the day.

    Keep thinking that matters more then completing 80% of your passes three games in a row. As if Tom Brady could ever do that. Only Payton Manning is in that club with Tua.

    Ya’ll keep talking. You have NO IDEA what Tua is going to do to your defense.

    New England fans already know they have no chance. The rest of you will too.

  5. Tua has yet to prove himself, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad QB. I’d argue the Phins as a whole are far worse than Tua as a player. Give this boy a chance

  6. I don’t see how anyone can make any judgement on that throw based on a wobbly, poorly shot video. Yes – weird that Miami chose to post that video, but I never understand it when people root for others to fail.

  7. Thank you Miami Dolphins for drafting Tua and letting Herbert fall to the Chargers.

  8. Do you think Miami brass did this on purpose? Do you think they maybe have a plan to lull other teams into thinking Tua isn’t ready yet?

    Nah, they’re not that smart.

  9. It’s not really a big deal. Seems like every little thing that Tua does or doesn’t do is put under a microscope. He has the arm to make all the throws. No he’s not Mahomes but that doesn’t matter. Nice to see Tyreek standing up for his QB. Total 180 from a diva like OBJ. Hill seems to be a pros pro. Regardless of his off field issues earlier in his career.

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