More than two weeks after warrant was issued, Earl Thomas has been arrested

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The warrant was issued on April 27. Finally, former NFL safety Earl Thomas has been arrested.

Thomas is charged with a third-degree felony for violating a protective order two or more times within 12 months. Via court records, Thomas was arrested in Orange County, Texas on Friday, May 13.

It’s unclear why it took so long for Thomas to be apprehended.

The warrant was issued days after Thomas launched a public effort to get back in the league. The effort to get back in the league was launched days after he sent text messages that resulted in the arrest warrant.

Before Thomas tried to get back in the NFL, no one was calling. It’s hard to imagine anyone calling now, regardless of how this shakes out.

24 responses to “More than two weeks after warrant was issued, Earl Thomas has been arrested

  1. Helluva player. One might think the discipline he showed on the field would manifest itself in his personal life.

  2. Arguably worst FA signing in Ravens history. Eric DeCosta has done well so far but the Earl Thomas signing was definitely a GPA killer.

  3. I remember for years eagles fans saying they should have drafted Earl Thomas over Brandon Graham. They make some misses in the draft but that one they got right. Not only has Graham turned out to be a really good for a long time, his character is the polar opposite of Thomas. Can’t say this most recent news is all that surprising.

  4. Sorry but Brandon Graham was/is a good player but nowhere near the caliber player of Thomas who was considered by many the best safety in the league for some time. Except for his last days as a Hawk and afterwards, Thomas was a model citizen during his Hawk career. Again Graham is good but not at Thomas’s level.

  5. If one is going to run, then get the hell out of the country and not go back to your home town & hang out in a public place. The CTE is strong in this one, smh

  6. Stephen Jones was just about offer him a 7/$70M deal before this news broke.

  7. I’m so sick of my team wanting high character players, if you want to win the NFL you need players like this.

  8. 1) Earl could teach Waldo a thing or two about hiding.


    ok, I’ll show myself out…

  9. Pfffff, took CPD a year to arrest Jason Meade and he murdered Casey Goodson Jr in broad daylight.

    Maybe that one’s more of a problem.

  10. It takes a lot to have the defense to have a players meeting to get voted off the Raven’s defense. They did the right thing.

  11. Apparently his ex-wife or estranged wife held him at gun point back in 2020. More recently he texted her with some colorful language. He allegedly said something to the effect of “…I’ll kick your a**” which s the threat they are charging him with. But we really have no idea what he has been dealing with up to this point. What is startling, but not surprising, is the fem centric viewpoint of the author here, and the knee jerk reactions (upvotes) of the white knighters, who want him hung for daring to not bend the knee to the wimminz, no matter what. These guys think that if they just pedestalize women, somehow, these same women will desire them instead. You couldn’t be more wrong about that. While useful, and perhaps temporarily appreciated, women in general are not attracted to such self debasement in men. I’m not condoning actions on either side. I’m just noticing the automatic almost inbred response of many men to “believe all women.” No matter what.

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