Drew Brees opens the door to a return to football

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It started with a report that he’s leaving NBC. It escalated into something much more significant.

Following a report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post that future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees will be leaving NBC, Brees said this on Twitter: “Despite speculation from media about my future this fall, I’m currently undecided. I may work for NBC, I may play football again, I may focus on business and philanthropy, I may train for the pickleball tour, senior golf tour, coach my kids or all of the above. I’ll let you know.”

In fairness to Marchand, he wasn’t speculating. He was reporting. Brees seems to be disputing the reporting, while also raising the possibility of playing again.

Some will think he’s kidding about playing again. If he is, it doesn’t scream out from his tweet.

Making his claim about playing again semi-plausible is the fact Brees did indeed consider an offer from the Saints to return for a late-season game against the Dolphins. He wisely didn’t, given that the New Orleans roster was dramatically depleted by COVID positives.

My guess, and it’s just a guess for which I possibly will get myself in trouble, is this: Brees has a contract that he may not want to just walk away from. His official position as stated on Twitter could be part of an effort to leverage a buyout.

That’s between him and NBC, obviously. But he didn’t sign a one-year contract. Thus, if he’s going to be leaving NBC, something needs to happen with the balance of his deal.

54 responses to “Drew Brees opens the door to a return to football

  1. Lol I hope he had surgery for a new arm because that Pee-Pee shooter was toast

  2. Why come back and maybe get a permanent injury. It’s not worth the risk. He has nothing else to prove and he accomplished every goal a player could hope for. Go home Drew, spend time and your millions with your family.

  3. Or maybe he just sees what his fellow ex-QBs Romo and Aikman are making in the booth and what Brady is supposedly going to get and wants out from his NBC deal for that reason alone?

    There was a while there where it looked like there wasn’t going to be enough generational QB talent to fill the holes when guys like Brees, Brady, Rivers, Rothlisberger, etc. hung it up. Fortunately we know that’s no longer the case and there is a tremendous crop of young guys stepping up (even Mahomes is only going to be 27 starting the season). I’d prefer to see Brees just bask in the glory of a HOF career, stay connected to the game if he’d like to, but leave the spotlight on the young guys.

  4. This league has entered the WWE with the level of drama this off-season. Not gonna lie and say it ain’t entertaining to see

  5. Oh please, these old guys need to know when it’s over. Glad he’s leaving NBC, he was awful in studio

  6. One of the more overrated QBs in the history of the nfl. He’s bountygate away from just being another Philip rivers. His Superbowl should have an asterisk next to it. Just stay at home drew, you were done years before you retired.

  7. Um, Drew there is no way in hell you’re doing any of those things, The senior tour?? those guys a re beyond good. Enjoy your retirement please.

  8. I don’t think he’ll do much playing but if someone is offering $4+ million to hold a clipboard he’d be crazy to pass it up.

  9. Brees headed down to Alabama to the be the OC/QB Coach for St. Michael Catholic High School with former teammate P.Rivers.

  10. What we’re seeing with Brady, and now with Brees is the reluctance and difficulty some athletes have in transitioning into private life. Yes, I understand that money is a factor, but at some point you’re going to be over the hill anyway.
    These players get stuck in a weird place. They want to walk away on them own terms, and not be told it’s time to leave.
    The problem with that is that they always think they have more left in the tank. They don’t want to be embarrassed on the field, but that’s the only way they find out that they’re fooling themselves.

  11. I noticed his arm strength beginning to decline in 2016. I hope that he stays in the booth – he’s not terrible because he’s not a yammering attention seeker.

  12. Well if drew plays then Colin Kaepernick needs a try out. CK is younger and less injury prone

  13. Ladies and gentlemen! Your new Miami Dolphins QB for 2022.

    Just 20 years too late…..

  14. Meh…he isn’t playing again. Probably just considering whether he loves football enough to even do broadcasting anymore.

  15. The problem is he doesn’t have Sean Payton now to draw up the game plan. Lamar’s has his own off field issues now, Michael Thomas is a huge question mark after not playing for pretty much 2 seasons. I’m sure a team like Carolina would take a gamble if he’s serious but I just think he’s toying with the media.

  16. Great news. I don’t care if he comes back, I just be happy if he left the broadcasting booth to professionals. He’s awful.

  17. Soon there will be rumors about Aikman possibly coming back to play.

    375 for 10 million does that to a man.

  18. When last playing his accuracy seemed to be diminishing but still exceptional and his ability to quickly read the defense was still top notch. Distance was still good for short and intermediate passes. All adds up to not elite but still high quality.

  19. He was fired. He was terrible. It would be hilarious to watch him try to play again. Rivers is probably better off the couch right now than Drew is out of the booth, or in it for that matter.

  20. Breeze couldn’t throw a 10-yard out two years ago. Did he think his noodle-arm was going to age like fine wine??

  21. Well, he’s kind of a bore on TV anyways, so….

    Please don’t, we all watched Big Ben play two years more than he should have.

  22. Is it simply that Brees was simply not very good?
    He was hyped as the next great TV thing when he retired, and frankly, I sure didn’t see it.

    He would join a long list of former players and coaches that just weren’t great on TV. No shame in it.

  23. That is so much the wrong headline for this story. It isn’t about him returning to the NFL, that isn’t likely, it’s about his being fired by NBC. He’s just trying to save face.

    Greg Olsen is 100X better, IMO. Brees has nothing to be ashamed of, he’s just not cut out for this.

  24. I doubt he comes back. He spent too much on his hair transplants. He’s not going to risk having a helmet mess that up.

  25. I never cared for Brees on NBC and I don’t like how they removed Harrison from the studio. Brees is overrated in my opinion for oncamera and as QB.

  26. Another guy who has found he can’t stand being at home with his family.

  27. Say Brady was unable to play in 2022, Brees, if healthy, in shape and had the desirr, could pass Tom in completions and yards. TD’s and attempts are out of the question.

  28. What happened to the days where a player would retire and ride off into the sunset? I believe an athelete a professional athelete dies twice. Once when they retire and when they actually pass. Man get a TV deal, make your cash, spedn time with you family and the added bonus you are able to get out of bed Monday morning. Football is a young mans game awlays is and always will be, even though that game has changed on fronts. There are some who defy the odds like Blanda and Brady but those are more anomalies and not the norm.

    This game we all love takes it toll on the human body. If you have ever seen Nick Nolte’s character in North Dallas 40 get out of bed in the opening scene you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  29. He left the door equally open for a pickle ball career, coaching kids, and a few other things.

  30. For 3/4ths of his life,… football was his #1 focus. It’s everything he knows. It’s hard to walk away. And Brees is finding out the hard way that it’s not forever. I think his best option would be a front office job for an NFL team. That keeps him involved with a different aspect of the football game.

  31. Greg Olsen is 100X better, IMO.
    Olsen is fine,… until he starts rambling on and on. Then he becomes a blow hard. I’ve also found him to be a homer while doing his color commentary. That’s taboo.

  32. Olsen is fine,… until he starts rambling on and on. Then he becomes a blow hard.

    I hadn’t noticed that but you’re right, once he becomes a blowhard he’ll be tough to take. That can be coached out of him or experience will take care of it. Unlike the trite Brees, Olsen has interesting things to say, he just needs to sense when to stop.

  33. Stay retired you’ll only hurt your legacy if you try to return. Especially since your arm was spaghetti when you finally hung them up.

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