Commanders announce six Bill Walsh NFL diversity coaching fellows

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The Commanders announced the six fellows selected to serve on Washington’s staff throughout the offseason as part of the Bill Walsh NFL Diversity Coaching Fellowship.

Isabel Diaz, Alonso Escalante, LaQuaid Manago, Mohamed Kourouma, Steve Calhoun and Corey Woods will embed with the team this offseason. Calhoun (quarterbacks), Manago (running backs), Kourouma (offensive line) and Woods (tight ends) will assist on the offensive side of the ball, while Diaz and Escalante will work with the Commanders’ secondary.

The Bill Walsh NFL Diversity Coaching Fellowship was established in 1987 with the goal of getting more talented minority coaches exposure at the NFL level. The program is named after the late Bill Walsh, who started the idea by inviting multiple minority coaches to help at the 49ers’ training camp that summer.

In 2021, more than 120 coaches participated in the Bill Walsh Fellowship program, according to the NFL.

“These fellowships both give deserving men and women the opportunity to get their foot in the door and pursue a career that they are passionate about,” Washington coach Ron Rivera said in November, via “As someone who took part in an NFL coaching internship to start my career, I appreciate that by getting that opportunity. I earned everything I’ve achieved from that point on.”

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