Dennis Allen won’t answer “hypotheticals,” thinks Drew Brees’ tweet about playing was in jest

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Drew Brees raised plenty of eyebrows when he tweeted on Sunday that he’s considering all his options, including playing football again. Saints head coach Dennis Allen says he’s not aware of any such possibility.

“My wife’s the one that told me about it because I don’t follow social media. So I thought, That’s interesting, that’ll bring up some questions,” Allen said of Brees’ tweet. “I think it was a comment made in jest and we certainly haven’t had any conversations in that regard.”

Asked if he thinks Brees could still play, Allen wouldn’t answer directly.

“I don’t really want to live in those hypothetical worlds right now,” Allen said. “We’ll see where it all goes. But certainly, he caused a lot of interest, that’s for sure.”

The 43-year-old Brees last played in 2020, and he still put up solid numbers despite his arm strength appearing to have lessened from his prime. The Saints have said they’re committed to Jameis Winston as their starter, but whether that could change if Brees proves to be serious about playing again is a hypothetical Allen isn’t ready to answer.

4 responses to “Dennis Allen won’t answer “hypotheticals,” thinks Drew Brees’ tweet about playing was in jest

  1. Next news – Sean Peyton will come back if Brees will. Wonder if Michael Thomas would have another ankle “setback” if either returned to saints?

  2. It would be a mistake to try to go back to the NFL, and I believe he knows that…

  3. The Saints are a shell of their past successes and likely a bottom 3rd team in the league…
    Surely if Brees got the bug to play at his age, it should be with a contender!

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