Drew Brees remains under contract with Saints

Buffalo Bills v New Orleans Saints
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If Drew Brees is truly thinking about coming back — and it’s impossible to tell from his Sunday tweet whether he is — the Saints have dibs on him, if they want him.

According to the Saints, Brees remains on the team’s reserve/retired list. It happened after he reduced his base salary from $25 million to the minimum of $1.075 million in 2021, and then retired after June 1, splitting the cap charge associated with his departure over two years.

He counted $11.5 million against the team’s cap in 2021, and he’ll count $11.5 million against the team’s cap in 2022. If he comes back, his $1.075 million salary would hit the books again.

Surely, he wouldn’t play the Saints for such a small amount, especially not after doing the team a huge cap favor in 2021 by slashing his salary with no quid pro quo. The point is that the Saints would have the first crack at working something out, since he’s still under contract in New Orleans. If someone else wants him, they’d first have to deal with the Saints.

Unless, of course, the Saints would be willing to waive his rights. And maybe they would be. If he wants to play, why should they stand in his way? He did them a huge favor a year ago. They should do him a small one, if he wants to play.

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