Joe Judge: You’ll see me on the field working with QBs

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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The Patriots are staying away from coaching titles and labels heading into the 2022 season since Bill Belichick declared in March that he’s not “big” on them.

But there is more clarity emerging from New England, at least for Joe Judge.

The former Giants head coach was the Patriots’ special teams coordinator from 2015-2019, adding receivers coach to his duties in that final season. Judge was hired back with New England as an “offensive assistant” earlier this offseason, with Albert Breer of reporting that Judge was expected to work with quarterbacks. While the Patriots had not confirmed that to this point, Judge did in his Monday press conference.

I am working with Mac [Jones], along with some other people; I work with all the skill [groups],” Judge said, via Mike Reiss of ESPN. “I’d say all of us are working collectively as a coaching unit to work with the entire offense…in terms of who is coaching each position, you’ll see me with the quarterbacks…”

Judge added that he feels it’s important for all the offensive coaches to be able to work with different positions.

Judge was also asked if he’ll be the offensive play-caller and said that he didn’t know, as no decision had been told to him.

“In terms of play-calling, when coach [Belichick] declares who he wants to do it, we’ll move forward with that,” Judge said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal.

In theory, the Patriots do have plenty of time to choose an offensive play-caller since the season does not start until September. But these offseason practices are still important to gain comfort with an offensive system, especially when a team has a young quarterback.

The Patriots coaches may well have all the answers and just don’t want to give them publicly. Either way, things are going to be different in New England now that Josh McDaniels departed the organization to become the Raiders’ head coach.

28 responses to “Joe Judge: You’ll see me on the field working with QBs

  1. With Mac Jones at QB, it’s almost like having a coach on the field. He tutored Bill O’Brien at Alabama.

  2. Judge should try human speak instead of “look at me, I am the smartest guy in the room” speak.

  3. Joe Judge has shown us who he is as a coach.

    Mac Jones will finish with an underwater TD-Int ratio.

  4. So glad Josh is gone …. He was boring & ever so predictable
    It’s time for a change!!!!

  5. Embarrassing staff they’ve assembled. Multiple sons coaching that defense. Former players. Failed coaches. Too scared to tell the media what the roles are. It doesn’t matter, Buffalo put a historic beat down on them and it will be even worse this year without McDaniels. Belichick will be pounded into retirement. No Brady to bail him out.

  6. This offense is going to be comically bad. Mac already hit his ceiling and will regress mightily. 6 wins tops for this bunch.

  7. My sources tell me to get ready for a big downturn this year. Expect 5-12 maybe

  8. I love that the coaching uncertainties here in NE have opposing franchises and fans doubting BB and team. I mean, I have no idea what will happen this season but this isn’t exactly an Urban Meyer situation guys….

  9. I think the Patriots want the Lions and Giants to pay most of these two guys salaries. Therefore no titles…

  10. The author of the 3rd and 9 QB sneak out of kneel down formation. I’m sure he has alot to teach QBs about surrendering.

  11. Hopefully he doesn’t show Jones the QB sneak on a 3rd and 9 from your own 6 lol. Dumber than Prescott with the QB draw in the playoffs

  12. Doubting Belichick defies logic. It is wishful thinking at its most baseless premise.

  13. Working on perfecting the QB sneak on 1st, 2nd and 3rd down whatever the distance

  14. I am a Jets fan , and therefore , long suffering (and probably biased).
    Despite BB being a great coach , I think that the Pats will finish bottom of the AFC East this season. And the Jets have a brutal schedule !

  15. I like Joe Judge. Belichick runs everything in New England, and that’s part of the reason his assistants haven’t done well when they go out on their own. But Judge learned a lot and was becoming a good head coach. The Giants aren’t known as great decision makers, so the firing of Judge doesn’t prove anything. I think they pulled the plug too soon. The careers of some of the great NFL coaches didn’t start out well. Chuck Noll, Bill Walsh, Jimmy Johnson, and others, endured some difficult years at first. Thankfully, their owners didn’t do what the Giants owners did, and pull the plug too soon.

  16. Joe Judge does great stuff, real QB whisperer. I think we will see a breakout.


    Danny Dimes

  17. Judge was the most clueless coach Ive ever seen. Like he added virtually nothing to the team besides postgame cliches. I am not even a fan of Daniel Jones and will not forget the time he risked Jones health to save his own hide for another season vs the Cards. He wasnt even good coaching special teams.

  18. The Patriots do not seem like an organized organization

    Everyone knows their role. They very well know who is the coordinator and coach. They are trying to not announce it to the public as BB was named in the lawsuit. Pretty smart move.

  19. Too scared to tell media


    #1, They don’t know what is going on.
    #2, Belichick has no clue how to put together a team when he has to spend so much on offense.
    #3, Media have no interest asking more, as it will make them look bad as Belichick believers.

  20. The Patriots coaching staff is a complete joke. Failed ex head coaches in roles they have previously never performed. There isn’t one coach on offense with a successful track record calling plays. Bill is doing “bring your kid to work day” with the defensive staff. Ever hear of his kids getting any job interviews for other gigs? There is absolutely no defense for it. You really want Joe Judge as the guy to mentor your young QB? That is the best you can do? Nepotism and getting your friends jobs, the old NFL boys club.

  21. Given the most recent position and Judge’s performance, I would guess no one has anything to worry about except the Patriots and Jones.

    Embarrassing that BB would hire a guy who failed so miserably.

  22. Just remember when you are making all the predictions for 2022 season

    Rookie Mac Jones > Rookie Josh Allen

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