Johnny Stanton pays tribute to his physician, who was killed in church shooting

Church Shooting Press Conference
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The 52-year-old man killed during the Sunday shooting inside a California church was the primary care physician of Browns fullback Johnny Stanton.

Dr. John Cheng is being hailed as a hero after charging the gunman in the attack early Sunday afternoon at Geneva Presbyterian Church in the Orange County city of Laguna Woods. Five people were injured in the shooting, four critically.

Cheng specialized in sports medicine.

“I just found out the person killed in the Laguna Woods shooting yesterday was my primary care physician, Dr. John Cheng,” Stanton wrote on Twitter. “Absolute hero. He attacked the gunman and helped save so many in that church. I just wanted his name to be known. He will be missed.”

Cheng is survived by his wife and two children.

Dr. Cheng “did everything he could to disable the assailant,” Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer said, via NBC Los Angeles.

He sacrificed himself so others could live,” Spitzer said.

10 responses to “Johnny Stanton pays tribute to his physician, who was killed in church shooting

  1. We definitely have a violence problem as I read the headline and thought it was about Buffalo. Unfortunate that he was even put in a situation where he had to sacrifice his life but he was brave as hell for doing it. R.I.P Mr. Cheng

  2. You can’t teach that sort of thing. It comes from the heart. A modicum of grace in this terrible news is that someone did what he did. Thank your Dr Cheng

  3. I honor this man for his courage. He shouldn’t have been in this position to have to disarm a mass shooter in a church. Or a Buffalo supermarket. Or a school. List goes on like that and we just pretend there’s no gun problem.

  4. catquick says:

    May 16, 2022 at 8:18 pm

    More guts than I got. GOD bless 🙏 🙌 ❤ forever.

    Don’t sell yourself short. You have no idea how you would react if you found yourself in that situation but I’ll tell you this: Dr. Cheng is a hero and I firmly believe there are more heroes out there than madmen that kill innocents.

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