Matt Patricia coaching Patriots’ offensive line

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has been even less forthcoming than usual this offseason about which of his assistant coaches will have which responsibilities, but Matt Patricia revealed today that he’s working with the offensive line.

Patricia, who was the Patriots’ defensive coordinator before becoming the Lions’ head coach, now has the title of senior football advisor. But it was revealed earlier this offseason that Patricia was coaching the offense, not the defense, and today Patricia said he’s working with the offensive line, a position he hasn’t coached since 2005.

“I’ve been out there with the offensive guys, working with the offensive line,” Patricia said, via Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal. “It’s been fun to get back to that and get back to my roots.”

Patricia said he has Dante Scarnecchia, the Patriots’ longtime offensive line guru. on speed dial, and that any time he has contact with Scarnecchia he feels like it’s making him a better coach.

“I don’t like to bother him,” Patricia said of Scarnecchia, “but there’s a lot of roots there and I appreciate him. It’s been fun.”

The Patriots don’t have anyone with the title of offensive line coach, but they do have an assistant offensive line coach in Billy Yates. It appears that Patricia and Yates will be primarily responsible for coaching the offensive line this season.

10 responses to “Matt Patricia coaching Patriots’ offensive line

  1. 5-12 seems about right for New England. Who are they going to beat? Maybe the Jets, once, I don’t even think they’ll sweep NYJ.

    Belichek is 0-3 against Tua, before Tua got help and JC Jackson was still in the mix.

    New England isn’t going anywhere for a while, which is what you would expect after the 20 year run they had. It’s cyclical and this cycle for New England is swinging right back into the toilet.

    Not only will New England not compete, they will be a bottom rung team. No ifs ands or buts about it.

    Mac Jones and Devante Parker are going to make Pats fans want to claw their eye balls out. Especially when watching Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle run circles around their DB’s. Who are their DB’s?

    JC Jackson left as the right time.

    Congrats on the past. It’s over. The future will not be kind to Boston.

  2. Risky move but in Bill we trust. As long as he is in charge, everything will work out.

  3. Sounds like a great fit hes vastly intelligent and a meticulous worker I expect he will do a fine job.

  4. Patricia could not coach a huge crap out of himself. BB is killing the Patriots because he believes his own hype. He should thank Tom Brady for all of the good years and championships.

  5. I’m not rooting for it, but I do get the sense that it’s going to be a long year for the Patriots this season. Worse than many might think. They’re looking at a potential top 5 draft pick next year.

  6. They’re looking at a potential top 5 draft pick next year
    NE won 7 games a couple seasons ago with no starting QB, a worse roster at almost every position and a harder schedule. If Jones gets Bernard Pollarded and Bill unexpectedly quits then maybe they’ll be picking in the the top 5 in 2023 but I wouldn’t count on it. Expecting around 8 or 9 wins hoping for more.

  7. This genius thought it was a good idea to rotate guards in the Lions O-line. No O-line continuity there. And Patricia was absolutely hated by the entire Lions locker room, due to his acerbic nature. So good luck to you, Pats fans. Maybe Bill keeps him in check. By himself, he was an absolute disaster.

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