NFL declines comment on report of meeting with Deshaun Watson

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The uncertain status of Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson could be moving toward some kind of certainty, soon.

League officials reportedly will meet with Watson in Texas this week, according to Josina Anderson. League spokesman Brian McCarthy tells PFT that the NFL  “will decline comment on that tweet.”

McCarthy’s remark regarding the new report came in response to Monday morning questions questions aimed at securing information about the timetable for action, if any, against Watson. “We have no update,” McCarthy said. “There’s no timetable as the review is active and ongoing.”

A meeting with the player usually becomes a sign that the process is moving toward some sort of conclusion. Usually, the league meets with the player after interviewing his various accusers.

It’s unknown whether the league has met with all of Watson’s 22 accusers. The league has met with some of them. Through lawyer Tony Buzbee, some complained last year about the treatment they received via the questioning.

Some in the league office believe Watson should be placed on paid leave until the 22 pending civil lawsuits are resolved. Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear during a March press conference that, if any action is going to be taken against Watson, he’ll simply be suspended. (Our email to the league office also sought confirmation as to that point.)

Recently, we explained the procedure that will apply to any such discipline, given changes made by the 2020 labor deal.

The league is not required to wait until the 22 cases are resolved before suspending Watson. The league could act now, it could wait, or it could impose a preliminary suspension with the door open for further action later.

My guess would be that the league will suspend him now, with the possibility of suspending him again later. But it’s just a guess. The league keeps its cards close to the vest, and it has learned in recent years to wait for as long as possible until making a decision.

Still, at some point a decision needs to be made. Justice delayed, as the saying goes, is justice denied. The Browns and Watson need to know whether he’ll be playing. He’ll also need to have time to fight whatever the league hopes to do, via the two-tiered procedure that begins with an independent hearing officer and concludes with an appeal handled by the Commissioner or his designee.

16 responses to “NFL declines comment on report of meeting with Deshaun Watson

  1. Perhaps the league will utilize the “MLB process” used for Trevor Bauer & suspend Watson for two years???

  2. 8 games reduced to 4 is probably what is going to happen. All of 2022 is probably what should happen

  3. I still maintain that the Commish should put him on the exempt list this year so the Browns have to pay him, then suspend him next year when it will hit his pocket book the hardest!! He and the Browns did a dirty deal!!

  4. While I want a swift ruling by the league, I am still afraid of the unknown outcome regarding punishment and number of games. Good thing there have been precedents from the past. Cough, cough, cough, Roethlisberger…

  5. But these are still only accusations, nothing has been proven. Everybody is sentencing him before the first trial.

  6. The bottom line is the Browns were the only team willing to give him a guaranteed contract with these lawsuits hanging over his head, and they got played into thinking there were multiple other teams willing to give him guaranteed money.

  7. I hope they wait until all is settled to have a clear understanding of how long he should be suspended.

  8. Two judges dismissed the 10 cases that Buzbee tried to get criminal charges because there wasn’t enough evidence. Now the civil cases won’t be heard until next April. So according to the law, Watson is not guilty of any criminal behavior. Anyone can take anyone else to civil court to try to get money. If he wasn’t suspended last year, why would he be suspended this year?

  9. He will be on the exempt list for this year(or w they could just suspend him with or with out pay) – and then hell get his regular suspension next year when the cases are resolved.

    This is what makes the other owners happy and gives the league the best PR.

  10. This is not difficult (unless you are a captive of the PC police). Two different grand juries heard the prosecution’s evidence (and no defense evidence). Both grand juries found that he, more likely than not, committed NO crime (the standard for a grand jury to indict, as opposed to a jury conviction, is more probable than not). So, the only unbiased people to hear the prosecution evidence said Watson did NOTHING wrong. Why would he be suspended for nothing? This goes beyond innocent until proven guilty. This is proven not guilty.

  11. I look forward to Baker Mayfield fulfilling his contractual obligation, playing during Deshauns suspension, helping the Browns to some needed wins and taking his rightful place on the pine when Watson returns on the way to the Browns first Super Bowl win.

  12. Thanks for the draft picks and taking this Watson nightmare off of the hands of the Texans fans!

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