Patriots defensive coaches mum on their roles for 2022

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If you’d like to know what roles the Patriots coaches have for 2022, you’re not going to find many answers.

At the league meeting in March, head coach Bill Belichick said he’s “not big on titles” when asked who would take over the role of offensive coordinator now that Josh McDaniels is the Raiders head coach.

Then receiver Nelson Agholor said to “ask coach Belichick” last week when reporters inquired who was coaching New England’s offense during the offseason program.

That party line has now extended to the defensive coaches, too. Steve Belichick, the head coach’s son who served as the outside linebackers coach for the last couple of years, revealed nothing about his role for 2022.

“Honestly, I don’t really know, and honestly, I don’t really care,” Steve Belichick said when asked if he’d have the same responsibilities as 2021, via Zack Cox of NESN.

When asked if he would be the defensive coordinator, he said, “Fair question that I don’t have the answer to. If I am, great. If I’m not, that’s good too.”

Fellow Patriots defensive coach Jerod Mayo — who was the team’s inside linebackers coach and de facto defensive coordinator last season — had a similar non-answer when asked about his role. He said simply that he’s “coaching defensive players.”

“Honestly, I just like to say I’m a football coach. I’m not trying to be ambiguous here,” Mayo said. “I coach football players. I’m a teacher.”

At this point in May, the Patriots coaches surely know what their responsibilities are. But Bill Belichick clearly sees it as some sort of competitive advantage not to reveal that information publicly.

Why that is when 31 other teams do it differently is anybody’s guess. But when you’ve won six Super Bowls as Belichick has since 2001, you get to set whatever agenda you like for your coaching staff.

10 responses to “Patriots defensive coaches mum on their roles for 2022

  1. Doesn’t matter what they do. BB runs the show to the organization’s detriment.

    BB career record without Tom Brady: 70-79

    Not good.

  2. When asked if he would be the defensive coordinator, he said, “Fair question that I don’t have the answer to. If I am, great. If I’m not, that’s good too.”

    I’d say if not that would be much better.

    Would be nice to make Josh Allen’s offense have to punt sometime this season.

  3. Seems to be the preferred answer when ya can’t hire any actual outside folks with talent cept the retreads n just how many kids does BB have anyways ??? .. as it may all be cloaked in mystery but still expect them to stink and be in drafting no mans land at 9-9 … :S

  4. If the Patriots offense improves this year, the defense will also improve as they won’t stay on the field too long.

  5. Are these answers because the Patriots do not want other teams to know what they are doing or because the Patriots coaches do not know what they are supposed to do?

  6. So SICK of the Bill vs Tom clowns. If you think either of them did it by themselves you have no clue about football. You can make that same stupid comparison with ANY great qb/coach combination that won more then one SB together.

  7. 9-8 seems about right – I think the Bills will beat them twice and I think they will split with the Dolphins and the Jets. Time will tell, but I think the Patriots improved the least of the 4 teams in that division so far this year.

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