Damone Clark credits Cowboys for diagnosing his spinal issue, then drafting him anyway

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In March, major concerns were raised about the future of former LSU linebacker Damone Clark after he was diagnosed with a spinal condition that required surgery and will likely force him to miss his rookie year. The Cowboys ultimately drafted Clark late in the fifth round, much later than expected before his injury was diagnosed, but Clark feels confident he landed in the right place.

That’s in part because it was the Cowboys’ medical staff that diagnosed the spinal condition in a pre-draft exam.

“The crazy thing is, at the Combine, Dallas’ medical staff was the one that told me,” Clark said, via the Cowboys’ website. “When they told me, I was shocked. I’m like ‘Whoa, maybe y’all got the wrong person.'”

Clark said he played the entire 2021 college season with the injury the Cowboys spotted and felt perfectly fine, which made him at first suspect that there was a misdiagnosis. But when spine specialist Dr. Robert Watkins gave him a second opinion that matched the Cowboys’ opinion, Clark was thankful for the Cowboys’ doctors spotting the problem.

“I went out and got a second opinion, and Dr. Watkins said the same thing,” Clark said. “It’s crazy that this is the team that drafted me. So I already feel comfortable here.”

The Cowboys are obviously confident Clark can make a full recovery, or else they wouldn’t have drafted him. Clark thinks he’s on the best team for his own career, starting in 2023.

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