Joe Burrow: After last year, we know what it takes to win it all

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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The Bengals returned to the Super Bowl last season for the first time in 33 years. They don’t plan on waiting that long to get back there this time . . . and they plan on winning this time.

The Bengals came close in Super Bowl LVI, but the Rams held on for a 23-20 win.

It was a successful season for the Bengals, even if they didn’t add a Lombardi Trophy, as Cincinnati was 4-11-1 in 2020.

“Going into last year, we knew we were good, but I think going into the playoffs, we knew we could win but we weren’t really sure what it took,” Burrow said Tuesday, via Ben Baby of ESPN. “We just went out there and played really hard and together as a team, and it worked out.

“Now, we know what it takes and we have that experience in our back pockets going forward.”

Burrow, who won a national championship at LSU, said during the postseason that he was tired of the underdog narrative. But until the Bengals do things they have never done, the stigma isn’t likely to leave.

Cincinnati, picked to finish third in the AFC North in 2022, has never won playoff games in back-to-back seasons.

“We’ve seen it; we’ve done it,” Bengals receiver Tee Higgins said. “And we know what it takes to get back to that point. That’s our standard now. That’s our standard for this team. Ain’t no looking back.”

9 responses to “Joe Burrow: After last year, we know what it takes to win it all

  1. Who is picking Cincinnati to finish 3rd in the AFC North in 2022?!!
    That’s not even a fake narrative right now.

  2. Burrow may have a repeat of the Dan Marino career. Great young QB gets to the Super Bowl early in his career but loses. Feels success and many trips to the Super Bowl lie ahead, but sadly never gets back to the big game.

  3. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    May 17, 2022 at 6:09 pm
    Joe Burrow > Josh Allen
    Sam Darnold > Mac Jones.

  4. As a small market non-media darling team, you will have to over come at least one bad call per quarter and 3 in the final two minutes. Did you learn that, Joe?

  5. Bengals have done this before. This is a franchise like the Falcons, Lions and Browns; I will believe it when I see it.

  6. Why even say this publicly? It’s almost like putting a target on your own back. How about saying that you know you had A LOT of luck getting that far and you know you have to be a lot better next time to get that far again? Besides the Patriots who had maybe the best HC AND the best QB of all time, who else has gone to consecutive Super Bowls in the last 20 years? And the AFC is probably better now than it’s ever been!

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