John Mara “not happy” Giants are hosting Monday night game on Rosh Hashanah

Washington Football Team v New York Giants
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The Giants asked the NFL not to give them a home game in Week 3 of the 2022 season. League schedule-makers did not grant the request, with the Giants playing the Cowboys on Monday Night Football on Sept. 26 at MetLife Stadium.

That will prohibit Jewish fans wishing to observe the High Holiday of Rosh Hashanah from attending one of the most highly anticipated games of the Giants’ home schedule.

“I am well aware of that and not happy about it,” John Mara, the Giants co-owner, told Paul Schwartz of The New York Post on Tuesday. “I made my feelings known to the league as soon as I saw the schedule. We have always requested the league take the Jewish High Holy Days into consideration when formulating our schedule. Not sure why it happened this year.”

The 32 teams annually give the league blackout dates when it is unable to host a game. They also can request things such as a bye week after an international game or back-to-back games on the West Coast or, in the Giants’ case, not having a game on Rosh Hashanah.

“We are never able to accommodate every request,” Howard Katz, the NFL’s senior vice president of broadcasting and the leader of the group that puts together the schedule, told The Post. “It’s a pretty complex puzzle we put together.

“Mr. Mara absolutely this year and every year when the Jewish holidays fall on football days, he always asks to avoid the Jewish holidays. He certainly did. In this particular case we were not able to accommodate that request.”

A Monday night home game on Rosh Hashanah against the Cowboys in 1998 prompted the Giants to begin requesting to play on the road during the Jewish High Holy Days.

22 responses to “John Mara “not happy” Giants are hosting Monday night game on Rosh Hashanah

  1. singularitynow says:
    May 17, 2022 at 7:11 pm
    We play on Christmas..?
    Maybe we shouldn’t

  2. don’t feel bad, I requested the Giants not be on any prime time games lol

  3. Of course it doesn’t bother him a bit that players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t have a problem playing on Sundays…

  4. It seems the real question should be “Why are the Giants playing on Monday Night anyway?”
    They don’t have any marquee players that the rest of the nation is clamoring to see, and they certainly aren’t projected to be an elite team this season.
    This also explodes the narrative that the Giants have unfettered power & influence in the NFL office.

  5. If he thinks this is the biggest problem in the NFL he’s delusional.

  6. He should be happy his terrible team is on any TV networks. Im sure Jesus doesn’t mind if the team plays on that day.

  7. mackcarrington says:
    May 17, 2022 at 7:44 pm

    It seems the real question should be “Why are the Giants playing on Monday Night anyway?”

    One word: Manningcast.

  8. Why can’t they just trade venues with the cowboys the next time they play. Just switch home and away. Could it be that simple ?

  9. As a Giants fan I will say this. With our record in prime time games over the last 20 years, we shouldn’t be allowed a slot at all until we start winning again.

  10. If God is that important to someone , then missing one football game is a very small sacrifice. I personally miss watching games all the time to attend church services. You can actually record games in 2022 and if you have the self control to stay off your phone you can watch them as if they are live.

  11. A respectful request made well in advance – shame on the powers that be for choosing not to make a simple tweak to the schedule.

  12. Why not just void that game, the National conference East division match ups are not worthy of MNF. Make it up at the end of the year if there are playoff implications.

  13. As I said with the Carolina and their complaints with their schedule, there is a bright side to this. At least those fans won’t have to see the suck on the field…

  14. So his issue isn’t about him or his players observing a religious holiday, since he is fine with playing on the road, it’s about how many butts are in the seats at the stadium.

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