Kwesi Adofo-Mensah on trading within division: Feelings can’t get in the way of improving the team

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It wasn’t a huge surprise that Vikings General Manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah traded out of the 12th overall pick in order to gather more selections over the course of the draft, but the team he traded with was a bit unexpected.

The Lions moved up from No. 32 and sent that pick, No. 34 and No. 66 to the Vikings so they could grab wide receiver Jameson Williams. There’s an adage about not trading within the division, but Adofo-Mensah told Peter King in this week’s Football Morning in America that he doesn’t fully subscribe to it.

He said he wouldn’t trade Justin Jefferson in the division, but that draft picks are different because they’re speculative. He added that he would have traded with someone else had there been a similar offer on the table, but that wasn’t the case and he made the deal despite knowing that any success Williams has against the Vikings will lead to mentions of how he got to Detroit.

“I’m not dumb. I know every touchdown catch [Williams] scores against us, TV will show me or show my name,” Adofo-Mensah said. “That’s life. If my feelings are going to get in the way of us making decisions to improve the team, I shouldn’t be in this seat. I made the decision because I’m in charge, but it’s more fair to say we made the decision as an organization. The [draft] room was behind what we were doing . . . Detroit had [picks] 32 and 34, and we were targeting those picks for specific reasons.”

Adofo-Mensah made another trade in the second round and picked up two second-round picks by dealing No. 34 to the Packers. He told King that any other team picking after them would have agreed to that deal and “it’d just have been about saving face with the media” if they didn’t make it because it was Green Bay.

The Packers took wideout Christian Watson after the trade, so the Vikings secondary will have a lot to do with how Adofo-Mensah’s moves are regarded a few years from now.

31 responses to “Kwesi Adofo-Mensah on trading within division: Feelings can’t get in the way of improving the team

  1. Vikings thought the Lions were trading up for a QB, and we’re high-fiving each other until the pick came in and it was Williams, not Willis.

  2. The Viking organization will be seeing a downturn as a direct result of hiring this dolt from the Browns. We got a taste of his incompetence seeing the draft night trade with the Lions for woefully inadequate compensation.

  3. If you want to win don’t help your opponent get better. If you trade Pittsburg or Cleveland etc. you may not play them but once every few years. But you are going to see an awful lot of The Packers and the Lions. I think with 28 teams outside of the NFC north, this was tunnel vision thinking about those trades.

  4. I just hope he’s right and in 3 years we aren’t facing the next Adams. Only time will tell, and by then he’ll have picked up players and potentially traded 3 more times. All I can say good luck KAM.

  5. Justify it all you want – it’s extremely stupid barring a King’s ransom, which Kwesi failed to get on either trade.

  6. TBF, in a theoretical one for one swap, the Vikes secondary improved more than either the Detroit or GB passing game improved.

  7. Read the room KAM. No one is really that upset about the Lions pick. It’s the Lions. Maybe a head scratcher that you helped make them better, but whatevs.


    Aaron Rodgers. Ever heard of him? What you should’ve done is take the receiver yourself just so the Packers couldn’t get him. And get out of here with this “someone else would’ve made that trade” stuff. You don’t know that. You gave them them the bird in hand. And that bird is gonna make us pay.

  8. That dopey franchise was just concerned they were going to get lost getting their picks up to the podium on time. Again.
    Better to trade away your premium picks until you get your logistics straight. 🤣

  9. “ golions1 says:
    May 17, 2022 at 9:42 am
    As a Lions fan, I’m glad he is in charge in Minnesota.”

    You’re going to need a lot more help from about 3 other teams in the division to be relevant.

  10. As a Vikings fan, I liked the Packer’s trade. It was good in terms of value. I still hate the Lions trade. The NFL clearly values 1st rounders far more than Kwesi did. He left a lot of value on the table… and it’s not like he played chicken with them to the end of the pick, it was traded immediately. We should have been able to keep our 2nd and not swap it. Traditionally, that type of trade would have included their 1st next year. I can certainly see Det not wanting to pay that premium given they will likely pick high, but there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have been able to keep our 2nd or pick up a 2nd next year. It was a bad trade… not because of the divisional thing, but because of the value they left on the table.

  11. Perhaps feelings don’t, but your ill-thought out trades will certainly get in the way.

  12. Oh please, Kwesi. You could have easily kept our 2nd rounder while getting Detroits 2nd, 3rd, and atleast another 3rd value. Minimum. If you wanna trade up, you gotta pay up. Or we could have just taken Williams ourselves, which is what we should have done.

    Then to trade with the packers and not demand they shell out their 3rd and 5th in addition to their 2nd rounders made it all worse.

    If I’m an nfl team, I’m calling this dude monthly about trades because he clearly doesn’t understand that you have to demand more than what the other team is offering. If they’re trading up with you, You don’t take their offer. They take your offer.

  13. I would think the Vikings would be the last team to even care about how they handle draft picks. They have a history of missing more than hitting.

  14. Was he the best candidate for GM or the most convenient to hire? time will tell.

  15. The Packers took wideout Christian Watson after the trade, so the Vikings secondary will have a lot to do with how Adofo-Mensah’s moves are regarded a few years from now
    Maybe williams when recovered from the acl but not Watson….that reach can’t catch footballs

  16. I like this guy and his attitude. If you keep doing business “the way we’ve always done it before,” then you’re doomed to the same results.

  17. When you have holes to fill all over the roster, you want as many rebuilding dart throws as possible.

  18. “I like this guy and his attitude.” …..Good for you, I guess?

  19. The Bears were considering drafting Watson. I found a good article about why Watson’s “drops” are of little consequence to the big picture. The Packers must’ve agreed.

    “Three reasons Christian Watson’s drop stats shouldn’t scare off the Chicago Bears.”
    by Dakota Zientek

  20. I’m happy with the pick 34 of Watson for the Packers. I’m not happy that they gave up both 2nd round picks to get him. Would have been happier if they gave a one second, a third and whatever else after round 3 to make it happen. I just feel they gave up to much draft pick value. The pick value charts I’ve seen the Packers over paid.

  21. If you read all of Peter Kings article, the Vikings had 2 picks in the top 70. They ended up with 4 picks in the top 70. These moves will only be good if the players turn out. So, it could possibly be a good move. Time will tell. I’m not that high on Watson as a receiver. Rodgers will certainly stare him down on those dropped balls.

  22. The pick value charts I’ve seen the Packers over paid.
    I mean who cares -They solidifed their WR room. Watson was the last guy left who fits Green Bay’s preferred big, physical wideout.

    One of Doubs/Toure will emerge to man to make the #3 productive…. but no other wideout could have replaced Watson’s size at that point. It doesn’t make it a bad trade by Kwesi, but it’s not an overpay if GB got the right guy.

  23. The Vikings likely would have taken Booth with the pick they traded to the Packers. After all was said and done, the Vikings got an extra pick in the second round and the guy they wanted. This approach seems more sound than the Spielman practice of having 34 picks in the 7th round.

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