NIL funding from boosters cuts into the money they give to schools they support

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Apart from the concern, as stated by Alabama coach Nick Saban, that the name, image, and likeness revolution affects parity of resources in college football, there’s another practical concern as it relates to boosters funneling cash directly to players or into broader fund that disseminate the cash.

Every dollar that a booster gives to players as NIL payment is one less dollar that the booster would otherwise give directly to the school.

Boosters only have so much money to give. And if they can dig deeper for NIL money to go along with their regular contribution, that’s extra money that could have gone to the school.

It’s an intriguing wrinkle to the new reality of big-time college athletics. Boosters will robbing Peter of donations to give NIL money to Paul.

Maybe that’s ultimately why the various universities, hiding behind the NCAA, want to eliminate boosters from the NIL equation. The boosters boost the programs. If they start boosting the players, the programs necessarily get less.

12 responses to “NIL funding from boosters cuts into the money they give to schools they support

  1. Let them operate however they please. These articles are getting tiring…the nfl doesnt owe anybody anything.

  2. The NFL doesn’t owe anybody anything??? What the hell does that have to do with booster funding? What the hell does that even mean?

  3. This is pretty much a continuation of the decline in the importance of the games from when players stayed 4 years. In the future, the main reason sports will attract will be betting, tail gaiting, in general whether the social aspect is worth it to the fan. The game itself will be secondary.

  4. College football is about to give way to a minor league football league. It’s just a matter of time.

  5. Are there tax implications to giving to the player versus to the school?

  6. Never understood these endless fundraising efforts by universities with near-billion-dollar endowment funds.

    Alabama as of 2020 had over $800m in their fund, and no doubt during the final crazy 2 years of the stock market pushed that to $1b.

    There’s nothing to see here guys. Your cash cow University will survive without your $100k donation.

  7. Just more proof that college sports are more important than a college education.
    An educated population is a danger to those in power.

  8. Been saying it all along, NIL is bad for 98% of student athletes, you know, the ones who arent going pro.

  9. College Football is in a death spiral. I give it 5 years (or less). NFL had better start planning for a minor league.

  10. So sad. Now schools will have to charge students a million and a half $ to graduate instead of a measly million!

  11. All these self-serving liars are despicable. The players are just fungible resources that make them rich and famous. They could not care less about them.

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