Recent shoulder surgery would complicate a potential Drew Brees return

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While it’s still unclear from a Sunday night tweet whether future Hall of Fame quarterback Drew Brees is truly thinking about coming back to football (one more tweet could clear it up quickly), there’s one specific complication to any desire to play football.

As noted by Peter King in his latest Football Morning in America column, Brees had left shoulder surgery on May 2. ESPN’s Ed Werder added earlier today that Brees “would be physically unable to play until at least September or October.”

Again, if there was a joke in the original Brees tweet, it’s far from obvious. He has tweeted since then. He can end the mystery quickly and cleanly, if he wants.

Maybe he doesn’t. Maybe he isn’t kidding. Maybe he knows he could perform better than more than a few starting quarterbacks right now. Maybe he thinks he could still run the Sean Payton offense better than Jameis Winston will. Maybe Brees realizes he’d instantly be the best option for the Seahawks, the Panthers, the Texans, or (sorry, TuAnon) the Dolphins.

Regardless, Brees said what he said. As reporters and others try to walk it back, Brees started the fire. If he wanted to put it out, he could.

27 responses to “Recent shoulder surgery would complicate a potential Drew Brees return

  1. Brees was just having a bit of fun in his tweet. He’s NOT coming back to play football.

  2. Why are 40 year old quarterbacks such drama queens? Unretire, don’t unretire. Play golf, get a TV gig, hang out with the kids, shoot commercials, whatever ya want. As the world turns on these days of our lives.

  3. If Brees decides to come back I would guess that it would be in November or December to replace an injured QB on a team that has a chance to win the Super Bowl. I loved watching Brees play but he has a beautiful family that he should spend time with and not risk being injured coming back at age 43. It just isn’t worth it.

  4. Are we still going on about that tweet? It was clearly a joke.

  5. Again the Seahawks. Isn’t it obvious by now that the Seahawks are looking at the NFC West landscape, done the math, and determined it’s not worth it to try to compete for the next year or two. You’re welcome 12s I have de-mystified the Seahawks for you. See you in 2024, or whatever

  6. Pretty obvious it was a joke. As a Saints fan he’s not starter quality anymore, and even he knows that.

  7. These guys play the media like a fiddle. He gets canned, because he sucks on the broadcast so he throws he might return out there to change the subject

  8. One more tweet would clear it up, but why do that? This is much more fun

  9. Enjoy stories from past years Drew. You were no longer the same QB on the field, nor even a mediocre sports commentator.

  10. He couldn’t throw the football over 20 yards when he retired, it was clear his arm was cashed…..why would a team sign him

  11. “Regardless, Brees said what he said. As reporters and others try to walk it back, Brees started the fire. If he wanted to put it out, he could.”
    Its NOT walking it back just because you misinterpreted the tone of his words. It was obvious it wasnt a serious thought.

  12. His dead arm would be more of an issue than the shoulder surgery. Just enjoy philanthropy Drew, you are done in football.

  13. Why is it boxers like Mayweather, who are mid 40s , can still box at high levels and never lose this so called “arm strength” , yet 40 year old qbs arms fall off a cliff. How does that make any sense. Anyone care to explain this phenomenon

  14. His arm was shot before he retired, i can’t imagine it’s going to have gotten any better.

  15. The biggest complication in his potential return is the fact that he has no intention of returning.

    The joke in the tweet is actually pretty obvious unless you believe he is also serious about being a professional pickleball player.

  16. The media calls this a “fire” and is asking for Brees to tweet again because the media can’t see what is obvious (that it was a joke – he mentioned pickleball for pete’s sake). Brees meanwhile is laughing at the media falling all over itself in this nonsensical “will he, won’t he” business. The reality is as obvious as his joke: Brees is pup-list at best for the start of the season, so it’s much ado about nothing as usual.

  17. Apparently Drew’s wife has been ring shopping again, and it doesn’t hit the same on that TV pay.

  18. Never mind returning to play football… That shoulder surgery is certainly going to delay his debut on the professional pickle ball circuit.

  19. If Jamis gets hurt, he could finish the season. His last two seasons he played with lingering injuries and was never really 100%. Would be curious to see if his long ball is back.

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