Bengals don’t have the usual target that attaches to Super Bowl teams

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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When an NFL franchise makes it to the Super Bowl one year, that team faces a rude awakening the next. The Bengals may avoid this fate.

Typically, a conference champion acquires the bull’s-eye that comes from being a measuring stick for other teams. Suddenly, teams that want to prove themselves circle that date on the schedule. Suddenly, the hunter becomes the hunted. Suddenly, it’s a Steph Curry game, not a Chris Paul game.

The Bengals, however, continue to take a back seat to other teams.

Consider the PointsBet odds to win the next Super Bowl. The Bills are the 7-1 favorites, followed by the Bucs at +750 and the Chiefs at 9-1. The Packers and Rams come in at 10-1, with the Cowboys, Broncos, Chargers, and 49ers each at +1600.

And then there are the Bengals, at +2000.

How can that be? The Bengals, at 20-1? Same as the Browns, who don’t know whether they’ll have quarterback Deshaun Watson for any, some, or all of the games to be played this year.

It speaks to the overall competitiveness of the league. But it also can be used by the Bengals as fuel. They can easily persuade themselves that they aren’t getting respect. They will easily be able to avoid complacency. They can easily retain the role of hunters.

And to the extent you’re hunting for bargains beyond the Bengals at +2000, the Steelers currently are at +9000. Yes, 90-1. Making that one even more glaring is that the Jaguars currently have the same odds.

16 responses to “Bengals don’t have the usual target that attaches to Super Bowl teams

  1. That comes with 20+ years between playoff wins. They were very good last year. Do it again and people will stop saying it’s the Bengals just wait.

  2. Everyone saw who the league wanted to win last year. They’re bent on persuading fans that the west coast is a viable market, despite teams leaving time and time again. And they needed that team to play a team incapable of winning a SB. The odds show that.

  3. It’s not about speaking to the competitiveness of the league, it’s about a long-standing narrative surrounding the Bengals and their perceived lack of competitiveness. I’m wholeheartedly sure this Bengals team is head on embracing this lack of respect and will be right back in the mix this playoff season making noise.

  4. Cincinnati caught lightning in a bottle last year. It was a fluke of the common derivative. It was fun to watch and that’s what makes sports, sports, but it was a fluke in the same way the Rams winning the whole thing was. The playoffs were nuts and somehow those two teams rose from the ashes. I wouldn’t bet on either returning to the big dance or even the conference championship game.

  5. No it speaks to the number of people who think if you spend boatloads of capital to get big name players that it automatically makes you a contender, it doesn’t. Many people feel what the bengals did was a fluke because they are still seen as the 3rd best team in the division. With Baltimore back healthy and Cleveland getting Watson their should be no reason why Cincinnati should compete is what many uninformed observers think. I think the NFL doesn’t like the Bengals being good because they are a small market team that doesn’t drive the same money as a bigger market team does. I think that is a huge reason why they arrainged their 2nd half schedule like they did and also made 4 of their 5 prime time games on the road and 3 of those road games against division foes. The Bengals are one of the few teams that does it the right way by drafting and developing scheme fit players and rewarding them with fair but not crazy stupid contract extensions. It’s pretty hard not to cheer for a team like them unless you’re a fan of another AFC North team.

  6. Bengals at 20-1 is a bargain. That would be worth a flyer. None of the 16-1 teams seem reasonable. I would say SF, but that hole at QB is a problem. 90-1 on the Steelers doesn’t really get you anywhere when there is just no chance they win. True, they should not have the same odds as the Jags, but even a flyer on the Steelers is setting your money on fire, just as it would be with the Jags. Neither of them are going to win. If you put the same bets on each of the top 6, and the Bengals, a reasonable worst case would be the Bills win and you double your money. If someone comes out of nowhere, you lose. But that probably doesn’t happen. Bengals have big upside with everyone sleeping on them.

  7. Bungles will be Bungles as always. At least Cleveland will draw attention away from them with the creepy Watson mess.

  8. Do I think the Steelers will win the super bowl? I do not. Do I think it’s a reasonable possibility? I do. They could easily have the league’s best defense. On offense, they are better at O-line, WR (Juju was hurt in week 6), and though it pains me to say it…QB. They have a top 5 coach who always holds his team together when the going gets tough. Do I think they will win it all? Again, I do not, but I think that they are significantly improved over the team that made the playoffs last year, beat the Bills, Titans, Ravens twice, Browns twice, and finished one half game behind the AFC champion Bengals.

  9. Their season wasn’t a fluke, and they got a lot better.

    Maybe it’s just that Burrow is that good.

    That having the best rookie WR since Moss is a good thing, and they also have Higgins, and Boyd.

    That they have under appreciated stars on defense, like Logan Wilson.

    Don’t sleep on this team they might just win it all next year.

  10. In the NBA you can suck and draft Ja Morant or Lebron James and be really good all of a sudden. That doesn’t happen in the NFL, but then it happened with Burrow. They have talent on both sides of the ball, a kicker with post season success, and a QB that seems to not understand The Bengals aren’t supposed to win. As a longtime, yet mostly apathetic fan after years of terrible play, I’m thankful no one thinks they can do it. I think as long as they remain underdogs they can keep that chip on their shoulder.

  11. I’m sorry but this franchise has a prolonged history of screwing things up, and it starts at the top. Plus, if Burrow gets hurt- again – they are done.

  12. Remember 2001 when we all thought the Patriots were a fluke..

  13. Bengal haters are the best part of their success. Like it or not you better learn to love it.

  14. Can someone please tell me if I am mad? Why not Rams against the Bengals in the next Superbowl. No one is giving either of these teams any respect.

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