Dan Orlovsky’s ESPN promotion came after Fox Sports made a run at him

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Dan Orlovsky’s bump to the “B” booth at ESPN came after Tom Brady‘s new employer tried to make Orlovsky one, too.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Fox Sports pursued Orlovsky. He would have “fronted a five-day-a-week NFL show,” and he would have handled “some games” on Sundays. However, he was not a candidate for the top booth jobs

Fox currently has a vacancy in the No. 1 booth, a short-term gig until Brady starts cashing $37.5 million per year in payroll checks. If Greg Olsen slides up to No. 1 pending Brady’s arrival, Fox would need to backfill the No. 2 booth.

Orlovsky will end up getting a handful of NFL games this year at ESPN, along with his usual studio work and college football booth assignments.

9 responses to “Dan Orlovsky’s ESPN promotion came after Fox Sports made a run at him

  1. He sure has come a long way from running out the back of the end zone and taking unintentional safeties.

  2. Hire Gronk. I’m not a Pats or Buccs fan, but I can’t think of anyone who would be more fun in the booth.

  3. Still looking for the person who watches an NFL game based on who the announcer is. I’d watch my Patriots if they had no announcers.

  4. More evidence seemingly every month that the WOKE millennials at ESPN have no clue on what attracts an audience.
    Good for Dan, I guess, but he was a better player than a Broadcast talent, which tells you a lot.

  5. I think Tony Romo is the best announcer ..if there is a better game with a terrible announcer I would watch that instead

  6. Dan Orlovsky is bright, articulate, engaging, knowledgeable, and has a passion for the game. A resident of Connecticut, ESPN may simply be a better fit.

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