Freddie Kitchens hired as senior football analyst on South Carolina staff

New York Giants v Miami Dolphins
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Former Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens has found his next job, getting the title of senior football analyst at South Carolina.

Kitchens and South Carolina head coach Shane Beamer have known each other for years; they were both on the Mississippi State staff in 2004 and 2005. That was the last time Kitchens coached at the college level.

It’s a fairly significant step down for Kitchens, who was the Giants’ offensive coordinator last year after Jason Garrett was fired.

Kitchens spent one season as the Browns’ head coach, going 6-10 in 2019.

5 responses to “Freddie Kitchens hired as senior football analyst on South Carolina staff

  1. Just a bad coach. I don’t even think he could cut it at the high school level. In way over his head.

  2. It feels like a long time ago that he and Baker Mayfield looked like potential stars.

  3. Amazing that he keeps getting jobs when he is also a very bad coach in all facets.

  4. I don’t think he was that bad of a coach honestly. Not on a hue jackson level not even close. Be interesting to see what he would of done with 1 more year after winning 7 games with baker lol

  5. No one can ever say nice guys finish last with this guy. The guy has never been on a team with a winning pedigree yet constantly finds employment. Even tricked everyone into thinking he knew how to call plays until he was exposed for having taken credit for other coaches gameplans after his one failed season as Cleveland’s head coach that almost made his offensive coordinator walk off the job and literally resulted in his offensive players screaming at him on the sidelines and demanding trades until he was fired.

    He was 100 times worse than Hue Jackson ever could be as a head coach. Hue at least had the excuse that he had 0 NFL level players on his team when they were losing games in overtime during Cleveland’s allaged “four year rebuilding plan”. This guy was losing blow outs with an all star team. He lost his first game as coach 41-13.

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