Ja’Marr Chase: We have to roll with higher expectations this year

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angele Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
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Predictions that the Bengals would win the AFC title for the 2021 season were all but impossible to find at this time last year, but the team made more progress than expected and wound up losing a close Super Bowl to the Rams in Los Angeles in February.

On Tuesday, quarterback Joe Burrow said that “we know what it takes” to win now and that’s not the only change to the team’s circumstances this time around. The rest of the league knows that they can win as well and any thought that teams will take it easy against them is a wishful one.

Wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase said that the team has to embrace their new standing as they prepare to defend their conference title.

“Now we just have to add the expectation we’re one of the best in the league and we have to keep that expectation and roll with it,” Chase said, via the team’s website. “Every game is a tough game in the NFL. We’re not worried about our X. Everybody has an X on their back.”

The Bengals have been overshadowed a bit in the offseason because of the big moves made by other AFC teams trying to get to where they were last season. That expanded number of contenders should make it easier for teams to recognize the importance of each game as they try to position themselves for the postseason.

19 responses to “Ja’Marr Chase: We have to roll with higher expectations this year

  1. The bungles are relevant once every 30 years. Get used to it Ja’Marr.

  2. I think the lack of national buzz on The Bengals reflects how long it takes for a media narrative to actually change; everyone has fixated on them being bad for so long, it takes awhile to accept that they’re good. But when you look at them, they overachieved last year despite a horrible offensive line because their young skill players were great and their defensive free agents all worked out. This year? they signed 3 actual NFL quality offensive linemen and vastly improved their depth in the defensive backfield through the draft and in the meantime, all the skill guys are back, Burrow is healthy and they look really, really good. The whole AFC is tough and their division (other than the Steelers) improved themselves, but you can’t overlook them anymore; they’re going to be good for awhile.

  3. The Joe Burrow era in Cincinnati is going to be fun. It’s already off to a great start, and Joe hadn’t even scratched the surface.

  4. I like this team they have a lot of hard-working young players.

  5. Whats being underestimated about this team is the fact they just know how to win. On the road in KC w everything on the line, they were down 18 and just kept playing. Usually young teams do not understand that at that stage. Will not be easy, but I wont be surprised if they make another run. ESPN has them 6 in their power rankings after they improved their only weakness??? I know the AFC has improved but they havent done it on the field yet so hopefully it motivates them.

  6. Chase will realize just how big that X will be this year. They caught teams by surprise last year, won’t be that easy this time around, especially as a SB loser. Ravens and Steelers are still the standard bearer in the division. Bengals and Browns will always be the little engine that could.

  7. Many teams made big moves. The Bengals kept their team together and signed 3 free agent OL to strengthen their biggest weakness. I think Burrow will be just fine.

  8. So funny how many scared Ravens and Steelers fans can’t admit the Bengals have passed their teams by. It’ll be that way for the foreseeable future. Y’all might as well get used to it.

  9. Let’s face it, I will give credit where it’s deserved, but the Bengals were the luckiest team in the post-season last year. Every team that had at least one win in the post-season had at least one win by a large margin…. EXCEPT the Bengals who played every single game down to the wire and often had to depend on meltdowns from the opposing offense and game winning heroics from their kicker. So yes, Jamar is right, they have to have higher expectations, because quite honestly, an IMPROVED version of the 2021 Bengals will NOT make the Super Bowl in 2022. Just ask my Bills.

  10. Scared of the Bengals? That sounds so laughable. One-hit wonders just like the Browns were a couple years ago. Ravens had a zillions injuries and only the Steelers are formidable in that division. Funny how when the Ravens were beating up on the division, they got no respect. Now the Bengals get one lucky run and they are the greatest thing since bottled water. Give me a break!

  11. Strange as it seems the Bengals should be expected to be good, but until they do it for more than one year there will be doubts. As long as Burrow is healthy they will be a threat.

  12. Sorry guys. Burrow is gonna flame out this year. After watching his big head grow during last season and using his press conferences to dress up in silly outfits like Cam Newton, it’s about to implode.

  13. As long as they have Joe Burrow, the Bengals will be competitive. He is the best of all these young QBs.

  14. I like Burrow, I like the Bengals. They’ll be closer to .500 than the #1 seed this year.

  15. They jumped a lot of hurdles as a team last year. It’s no knock on their team but getting back to the SB is a tough task even for the big time dynasties. Who knows what the Ravens, Steelers, and Browns will be. Seems like the Bengals have the edge as far as continuity but the games still have to be played.

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