James Bradberry agrees to deal with Eagles

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The Giants cut cornerback James Bradberry this month, but they’ll be seeing him a couple of times during the 2022 season.

The Eagles announced that Bradberry has agreed to terms on a one-year contract. According to multiple reports, it is a $10 million deal for Bradberry in Philadelphia but there’s no word on how much of that might be in incentives rather than base salary. Bradberry was set to make a $13.4 million salary before being released.

Bradberry spent the last two seasons with the Giants after signing as a free agent and he was selected to the Pro Bowl after his first season with the team. He recorded 101 tackles, seven interceptions, two forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries in 32 appearances for the team.

Bradberry will join Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox at the top of the cornerback depth chart for the Eagles, who will be trying for their second straight playoff appearance during the 2022 season. Adding a corner like Bradberry to the defense should be a big boost to that bid.

35 responses to “James Bradberry agrees to deal with Eagles

  1. This is a smart signing by Howie. And it’s a huge upgrade at a position of need.

  2. Solid #2 corner! Great signing. We’ll see if all these off-season moves work out, but at least Howie is being aggressive and addressing positions of need. I like it!

  3. Eagles defense was pretty horrendous last year but could be pretty decent this year. They’ve made a lot of upgrades and have personnel to do things other than stay in a soft zone.

  4. The Eagles appear to have been making some really smart moves. They’ve addressed virtually everything on their defense this offseason. Would not be shocked at all if they take the NFC East at this point.

  5. This sucks for my Washington team! Terry McLaurin had his way with him last year in NY. but he’ll have a far better front 7 in Philly that will hide his flawsand make him way more effective.

  6. That is HUGE for the eagles. As an eagles fan, I still had the cowboys as the team to beat in the NFC east as of yesterday…today, my opinion has changed. It would be nice to see them pick up a veteran safety to upgrade that unit but if they can’t, I really can’t complain. This squad is ready to compete as long as they get solid production from the QB position!

  7. lol!!

    Howie Hotseat Roseman panicking left and right.

    Lose that leverage and write those checks!

  8. Wow! This is way better than the Nelson signing late last offseason. I’m pumped for this year. Now we just have to stay healthy…

  9. Eagles fans still drinking the Howie Kool Aid. I agree it is a good signing though. With Hurts as the QB, that D better be able to stop people.

  10. considering all the potential suitors mentioned at the time of his release, i thought it unlikely the eagles would get bradberry. think howie did a great job with this deal. bet its less than the 10M of the press release unless some incentives are met.

  11. So after a couple of years in the doghouse, Howie is no longer a stumblebum anymore.

  12. Howie is really eating his spinach this off-season and now he’s starting to flex. It’s like he’s a new man!

  13. Bradberry was not himself last year in NY. I think he was bored and exhausted. The Giants’ offense went three and out constantly, hung the D out to dry.

  14. Not a fan of the team, but will admit that the Eagles appear to be “all in” this season.

  15. This defense has slowly, and smartly, morphed into a pretty respectable group. Enough talent on board now that we should get a real good read on how effective Gannon is as a DC. If the Eagles get decent play from Hurts at QB, then the division is well within their reach. FLY!!

  16. New York giants fan here ,he’s the only giant I hate to lose ! Solid Solid baller !

  17. The gmen apparently don’t mind losing to their NFC EAST rivals ,for about the last 15 years !

  18. word is the deal is $7.5M plus incentives that could reach $10M

  19. If not for that whole draft thing, Howie would be a great GM.

    No one can plug a hole a failed draft pick created with a free agent signing, quite like Roseman.

  20. He was 103 ranked cb last year, but, hey, who can argue with the genius of Howie and the eagles.

  21. Dream team! Hilarious. Some teams never learn. If you don’t have a qb…..you don’t have anything!

  22. “Dream team! Hilarious. Some teams never learn. If you don’t have a qb…..you don’t have anything!”

    Then the Giants truly have nothing now.

  23. Giants are truly a garbage organization anymore. Good for this guy to get out of there.

  24. Youknowimright says:
    May 18, 2022 at 3:51 pm
    He was 103 ranked cb last year, but, hey, who can argue with the genius of Howie and the eagles.


    He was ranked 12th the year before and for what’s worth the entire Giants offense gave up last year so their defense was constantly in bad positions.

    Who can forget the 3rd and 9 QB sneak from kneel down formation at their own 4 yard line? You know the play that Joe “The next Belichick” Judge fired?

    It’s a one year flyer on a player that most people believe was a victim of bad circumstance last year. The team as a whole has a chance to take the next step this year if Hurts progresses.

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